Jewelry Matching Personal Style – Shopping Tips


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Clothes are important, but it’s the little touches that say so much. Accessories such as scarves can transform a garment, or make it suitable for any occasion and mood. In the same way, carefully chosen jewelry will finish off your outfit, and allows you to project your chosen image to observers.  Jewelry can impress your beloved ones as well.


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Tips on how to choose the right type of Jewelry

It all depends on how you want to portray yourself, and of course, on your taste. It’s also down to your personality. If you’re a bit of an extrovert, chunky jewelry in painted wood or clear plastic could be your thing. You might want to make a statement with something more expensive. Outsize luxury cocktail rings are on trend right now. How about a cluster of diamonds set in a nest of twisted gold stems, or a unique setting of pearls and gemstones?

If, on the other hand, you are a quieter, more retiring sort of person, you’ll probably feel happier with classic styling – small diamonds set into a pendant, perhaps, or a necklace strung with tiny gems. However you see your style, high street jewelers compete with the internet to offer you the best, so that you are spoilt for choice.

Some people are more at ease with the ethnic look, and natural fabrics. In this case, handcrafted items may be the answer, possibly having been put together by the wearer. Craft fairs are the best places to find the finished article, or materials to make your own, or you could join one of the websites where people sell their creations.


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A lover of vintage will be drawn to art nouveau and art deco jewelry, to match the fabulous clothing of those eras. Antique fairs and second hand shops are the places to head for. Online, search through a plethora of websites, or auction sites are great fun.

Perhaps you’re a career woman. A striking brooch could be the statement piece to give the right impression. And don’t rule out costume jewelry. It was once thought of as a cheap alternative to the real thing, but improved quality means that it’s now a fashion in itself.

Adornments for evening wear are not necessarily the same as those for daytime. You might want to accessories that little black dress with a gold circle chain bracelet, or diamond drop earrings. An evening dress with a low cut neckline would be set off best by a multi-strand rope necklace, or a pendant with a single stone.

A more casual occasion permits you to please yourself. What could be nicer than a friendship bracelet for a night out with friends? Although these are generally made of cord, they’re also available embellished with diamonds, or other gemstones. This gives a classy twist to an old favorite, and shows that friendships, like diamonds, last forever.