Advertise on Fashion/Beauty Sites And Blogs

Fashionology Mag offers the possibility of exposing your fashion or beauty brand to a truly huge audience at highly affordable prices. This is because we have the possibility to publish content on thousands of beauty and fashion sites. We give you the opportunity to choose whether you get your content published on Fashionology Mag or hundreds of other websites.

What Do You Get?

At the moment we mainly accept advertising through content but we are open to alternatives if you are interested. If you want something special, be sure you contact us with the form below. The regular option linked with content includes the following:

  • Having content published on any site of the network we have access to (over 1500 fashion/beauty sites and blogs).
  • You control the content that is published or we right it for you according to your requirements (small extra fee applies).
  • You decide what links to add or just brand mentions.
  • The best possible prices – We negotiated the lowest possible prices even for the sites with very high authority.
  • You choose the authority that you want to get the links from – DA varies from 20 to 98 at the moment.

How To Advertise On The Fashionology Mag Network

We are committed to offering the best possible services for all site owners interested in running a branding campaign or an SEO backlinks building campaign. This is why we invite you to communicate with us through an email. You just have to send us an email through the contact form below. We will then get back in touch and talk about what you need. The entire process is transparent and you only pay after your content is published on the sites you are interested in.