The 5 Body Shapes And Their Characteristics

Laura Tolentino

If you want to make every single outfit you wear look amazing on you, you have to be aware of your body type and dress accordingly. So the first step is to determine the body type. But what’s next? Understanding your body and its characteristics! And then learning which clothes look amazing on you and which ones you should avoid. Once you know these things, it will be easy to create outfits that will make you look your best. In this article we will discuss the 5 body shapes and their characteristics.

Hourglass Body Shape Characteristics

The hourglass body is considered the ideal body shape. The upper part of your body is approximately in line with the lower part. Your shoulders have the same width as your hips and the bust is the about same size as your derriere.

You also have a well-defined waist that creates a great feminine figure. When you gain weight, the curves remain proportional because the fat distributes even on your body.

There are some variations in this body shape. For example, your bust line can be the same size as your derriere line, but your shoulders can be larger than your hips. In this case, you can take into consideration, the inverted triangle body shape tips as well. Or, if your shoulders are smaller than your hips, the pear body shape advice.

Since the other parts of your body are very well proportioned, you shouldn’t respect all the rules from the pear body shape or the inverted triangle but keep them in mind when you try on clothes.

The idea is to try as many clothes as you can to understand what type of clothing articles look good on you. You can go to a local store and try many types of tops without buying all of them. Same things go with skirts, dresses, and other clothing articles.

When it comes to size you can be skinny, average or curvy. You don’t need to have a big bust to be an hourglass. But if you do have large breasts, the article about What to wear if you have big breasts can come in handy.

Inverted Triangle Body Shape Characteristics

Your silhouette is usually seen in athletes and models. This is good news, right? Your body shape is sometimes called the strawberry body shape. Gotta love them fruits!

When it comes to characteristics, you will notice that your shoulders are wider than your hips. This is the main characteristic of this body type but you can share some characteristics with other body types as well.

Some women who have this body type also have great legs and not a very well defined waistline but this is not a rule. If this is your case, the rectangle body shape guideline will be very helpful.

Your derriere can have the same size as your bust line, which usually is a characteristic of the hourglass body shape.

If you have a tendency to gain weight around your waistline, the apple body section might come in handy!

Rectangle Body Shape Characteristics

The rectangle body shape is also known as “banana” or “ruler”. Similar to the Hourglass when it comes to proportions, but different when it comes to the waistline. This body type might appear to be a little bit masculine since the waistline is not very well defined to create that feminine appearance hourglasses have.

If you have a hip line with the same size as the shoulder line, average or small bust, and not a very curvaceous body, you probably are a rectangle.

You might have a more voluminous derriere so please consider the pear body shape tips as well. If you don’t have a voluminous bottom but you have large breasts and/ or extra inches around your tummy, take a look at the apple body shape styling suggestions and learn what to wear if you have big breasts.

Pear Body Shape Characteristics

Also known as the triangle body shape, the pear body type is characterized by big, prominent hips and narrow shoulders. These are the characteristics that will be found in every single woman with the pear body type but don’t forget that every body type can have many variations and pears don’t make an exception.

Women with pear body shape can also have a big booty. The waist is usually very well defined. The lower body is usually more prominent than the upper body.

When you gain weight, fat tends to accumulate on your thighs and/ or booty

If you don’t have a well-defined waist, as most of the pears do, you may also want to check the rectangle body shape advice in order to understand your body better.

If your shoulders are narrow but your upper arms are fleshy or very muscular, you may consider the hourglass body shape advice as well.

Apple Body Shape Characteristics

Every body type is beautiful in its own way and, if you have the apple body shape, you have the most amazing legs! This is one of the characteristics of your body type, but knowing and understanding all of them will make you dress to look your best!

Women with this body type tend to appear top heavy since they have little to no waist and fat tends to accumulate in the stomach area. The waistline can have the same size as the shoulders line and the hips are smaller than the shoulders and the waist.

This body type, like any other body type, can have some variations so if you have this body type you may also notice that you have – great legs, small hips, average or big boobs, large ribcage and back.

You share some characteristics with other two body shapes, the undefined waist with the rectangular body shape and the top heavy with the inverted triangle, so the fashion tips for you are a combination of the tips for these two body types.

As we said, it is common for apples to have big breasts. However, having big breasts is not necessarily a rule, so don’t be very surprised if you don’t find yourself in this position.

If you have curvy hips, the hourglass section will come in handy as well.