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Cutting Trends: Choosing Hair Style Bangs for Your Face Shape

Laura Tolentino

Style is not just a matter of personal taste–some science also goes into it. For one, different face shapes look ...

Short Hair Health Tips

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How to Prevent and Treat Brittle Hair

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If your hair is prone to split ends and snaps, it may be brittle. This problem can make your hair ...

2016 Hair Trends That Are Incredibly Hot Right Now

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With 2015 being a year where hair trends were specialized, we can say that it is no surprise to see ...

The Rise of the Hair Extensions Trend


Every style conscious lady out there wants long flowing hair that turns heads everywhere they go. We look to the ...

Follow Celebrities for the Hair Trends for 2013


Your hair can make or break your look. After all, the hair is considered the crowning glory of women. It ...