Tips For Choosing Glasses For Women

Laura Tolentino

There’s nothing better for updating your look than trendy glasses, yet selecting frames can be tricky. Here are a few tips to help make the right selection.

Women looking for an elegant and serious appearance should opt for browline frames. These glasses have a bold upper frame with thin bottom frames – a popular choice among professionals looking to stand out in a crowd.

Frames that complement your face shape

When selecting glasses, take into account your facial structure. Some frames suit certain face shapes more than others; others could appear disproportionate and make your face look larger or smaller than desired. Also take into account your lifestyle and complexion – for instance if you spend long hours staring at screens at work, light frames that reduce eye fatigue might be ideal; stylish eyewear can serve as an adornment that shows your individual sense of style!

If you have a heart-shaped face, it’s essential that your wide forehead and narrow chin are balanced by selecting frames with low-set temples or subtle wingtips to draw the eye down and lengthen your jawline and chiseled features. Examples of celebrities with this face shape include Halle Berry, Zooey Deschanel and Scarlett Johansson – just to name a few!

The ideal frames for round faces have angular lines and edges to contrast the natural curves of your face and balance out its full cheeks and rounded chin. Look for frames with geometric forms or rectangular structures; round-faced models may also benefit from wearing taller styles like an aviator or clubmaster frame.

Square-faced faces typically possess strong jawlines and foreheads that project forward, as well as wide cheekbones and chins that require the addition of definition via frames with sharp angles to add definition to their features. Curvier frames will only accentuate your fullness further. Instead, select narrower frames or browline frames which complement your facial structure more.

Triangle-shaped faces feature narrow foreheads and wide jawlines, and finding frames to complement them can be tricky. Consider oval or oblong frames which are slightly wider than your face with narrow bridges to elongate the forehead. Incorporating bold details or color can add contrast and define your eyes perfectly!

Oval faces are fortunate in that they can wear almost every frame style without looking out of place, from rectangular and rounded styles, aviators, retro square, wayfarer frames and wayfarer designs – to playful tortoiseshell frames or bold cat-eye designs like these Mouqy frames for a fun and fashionable look!

Frames that are comfortable

If you wear glasses, you know how essential it is to find frames that fit comfortably. Your frame choice can make or break your fashion sense and help make you look your best! With many women’s frames to choose from ranging from large and round styles all the way down to classic small frames with customizable color and style options available, finding something suitable to your lifestyle and personality shouldn’t be hard.

Finding frames tailored specifically for your face shape is no exact science; each person’s face does not neatly correspond with any one face shape; rather it involves finding complementary opposites that complement one another – for instance if you have a round face opt for glasses with defined curves and angles which will create more structure on the features.

An important consideration when purchasing glasses is their frame hinge type. Barrel hinges are the most economical and easiest to repair; however, spring hinges provide better durability and stability; though they may cost more. A pair of glasses featuring spring hinges may offer greater comfort and support overall.

Glasses frames come in various materials, with the most popular one being acetate. Acetate is a lightweight plastic that’s hypoallergenic and scratch-resistant – plus, it resists bending! Other popular choices are titanium and stainless steel – strong yet lightweight materials that may cost more than their counterparts acetate frames.

Cat-eye frames have made a comeback this year as one of the hottest trends for 2023. Boasting timeless elegance with bold feminine appeal, cat-eye frames are ideal for conveying androgynous fashion styles while looking great when worn with street wear attire such as street-ready aesthetic clothing or even with black sweaters to achieve more masculine looks.

Horn-shaped sunglasses, which have made a comeback in 2018, are also becoming more and more fashionable among women. Specifically designed to accommodate low nose bridges, horn-shaped frames offer stylish sunglasses to add modernity and variety to their glasses collection. Furthermore, there’s a wide variety of colors so you can find the ideal frame to suit your personality and style.

Frames that are stylish

If you wear glasses and are searching for stylish frames, there are many choices available to you. Large frames that make a statement may be ideal, while smaller styles accentuate eyes without being overt. When considering styles to complement your face shape – for example if you have an oval face shape then look for frames which are wider at the bottom than at the top – consider your options carefully when picking your ideal style of frame.

Searching for frames with unique colors or finishes is also an option, for example a matte black frame featuring gold-tone metal detailing is sure to add a stylish flair and compliment your neutral palette perfectly. Bright orange frames have also become increasingly fashionable this year; this look pairs beautifully with jeans and T-shirt ensembles!

Last but not least, transparent acetate frames may be just what’s needed. Lightweight and versatile, this style works well with any outfit and provides UV and blue light protection. A good example is Mouqy’s Gentle tortoiseshell frames; their unique tortoiseshell pattern adds personality and is great for women who prefer casual styles.

Geometric frames offer women who like to make an eye-catching statement the chance to do just that, with unique styles that draw the eye directly toward your eyes while complementing most face shapes. Available in various colors and shapes – red frames make an exciting statement when worn by those with light skin tones while black frames remain timeless for everyday wear.

If you have a round face, avoid fully circular frames as these will enlarge it further. Instead, opt for rectangular or square ones as these offer chic contrast to your face shape and provide chic contrast. Also consider reverse cat-eye models which will draw attention to your eyebrows while providing extra breathing room for creating striking eyeliner looks.

Frames that are affordable

Quality frames can make an enormous difference in your wardrobe. From adding style and function to your outfit to helping improve vision, there are affordable frames available that can meet both of these criteria. There is also an assortment of styles so that you can find your ideal pair – such as sunglasses for dinner dates or square frames to wear at work.

One of the easiest and most efficient ways to find affordable frames for women can be found online retailers. Many offer virtual try-on experiences and convenient return policies, making it simple and quick to locate a pair that perfectly meets your needs. In fact, some even provide free home trial kits so you can test out glasses prior to committing to purchase – these companies have become increasingly popular amongst those searching for new frames who are dissatisfied with what their local optician has available.

Liingo may offer a smaller selection of frames than some online retailers, but their home-try-on kit and two-month return period more than make up for any shortages in selection. Their styles tend toward classic Wayfarer-inspired acetate frames and browline styles; however, there are some trendy variations available as well to satisfy more eccentric tastes.

Warby Parker provides a selection of stylish frames made by their house brand at reasonable prices, perfect for those who like experimenting with different looks. While its selection may be more costly than what’s offered elsewhere online retailers, Warby Parker might still be worth exploring if you want high fashion frames or don’t find what you need locally.

For a timeless and contemporary style, these gold and silver-tone metal frames can add just the right touch of class to your ensemble. Ideal for any face shape and casual wear alike, they add sophistication to business professional attire as well.