10 Fun Rewards for Kids

Laura Tolentino

Kids need positive reinforcement to learn and grow, and one excellent way to do this is by rewarding them when they do well.

Do your kids have chores? Reward them for a job well done!

Is your child in school? Reward them for good grades!

There are countless times when rewards for kids might be appropriate, but giving them rewards to persuade them to act better in sticky situations is also necessary.

Read on to learn ten different fun kids rewards that will delight your children and put a smile on your face, too.

1. Candy

Candy is the classic reward that many children look forward to. It’s easy to keep on hand and ready to give out when the time comes, and just one piece can be enough to reward them or convince them to do chores or anything else that needs to be taken care of. 

2. Extra Awake Time

Do you have a specific bedtime for your kids?

Chances are, they would go to bed later in a heartbeat! Offer extra awake time as one of their rewards for chores or anything else.

Be careful with this reward, though, because they likely have a bedtime for a reason. Consider giving them an extra 15 or 30 minutes as a reward to start with and seeing how they do with this spare time before adding anything more.

3. Dinnertime Fun

Not having total control over what they eat can be an issue for some kids. This makes allowing them to pick out their dinner an excellent reward that they will no doubt strive for.

To take this reward to the next level, consider letting them pick dinner for the entire family! As long as you don’t mind getting stuck eating chicken fingers and french fries, this is an excellent way for your child to have some extra fun.


While giving your kid real money is one option, giving them fake money is a solid option too.

Consider setting up a mini shop at home that they can buy stuff from when they earn enough “money.” The shop can have small toys, candy, fun snacks, or “coupons” for other rewards like extra TV time.

They can earn money by completing chores, doing nice deeds, getting good grades, or anything else that you want them to strive for.

This is a nice reward because it gives them total control over their reward and can help instill the concept of saving money if they want to save up for a bigger prize.

5. Stickers

Most kids love stickers, and this is a good reward choice because they’re inexpensive and easy to store since they don’t take up much space.

Letting them pick out a sticker or a sticker sheet is a small reward, but one that they will appreciate nonetheless.

6. Have a “Yes” Day

What kid doesn’t get sick of hearing their parents say no? 

Giving them an entire day where you say yes to everything that they ask is a reward that they will cherish.

Of course, some limitations can be put in place, but beyond this, saying yes to everything is a wonderful way to reward your child and bond with them, considering most of what they ask will likely involve you doing things with them.

7. Verbal Praise

Verbal praise is the only 100% free reward on this list, but it’s something that, in many cases, isn’t offered often enough.

Try rewarding your children by praising them when they do things right. This is actually important to their development and helps them learn boundaries and grow in confidence as they get older.

8. New Toys/Items

Every kid loves toys, but it’s even better if you go outside of the box with this reward.

Instead of taking them to the store and letting them pick something out, try surprising them with unexpected toys.

One appealing option is rings for kids. Children love playing dress-up and having special jewelry of their own like the kind found here www.bodypiercejewelry.com/kids-rings.

9. Extra Screen Time

Do you limit how much time your children can spend watching TV or playing video games?

If you do, offering them extra screen time as a reward will no doubt be enticing for them. However, you can choose exactly how much screen time they can accumulate when they can use it and how they earn it so that they aren’t spending too much extra time looking at a screen.

10. A Special Outing

Often, kids end up cooped up indoors or stuck in their backyard playing the same old games they always do.

Part of the fun of being a kid is getting the opportunity to try out new things and explore. One of the rewards for good behavior that many kids love is going on a special outing.

Some fun options are:

  • The local arcade
  • The zoo
  • A friend’s house
  • The park
  • The movie theater

Chances are you have most of these options nearby, and some are potentially free. Taking the time to reward your kid with a special outing is an opportunity for you to bond with them and get some fun pictures in to remember this moment forever!

Rewards for Kids—Rewards for You

Rewarding children for doing good or offering incentives to make them behave is a common practice.

Offering rewards for kids is also an opportunity for you to receive a reward, well, depending on what activity or item you choose to give them.

This list gives ten different ways that you can reward your kids, from classic options like candy to fun, unexpected items like jewelry for them to wear. No matter which reward you choose, it will definitely be appreciated!

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