10 Ideas for Styling Embroidered Clothing

Laura Tolentino

Thanks to the beauty it can add to even the most understated garments, embroidery is a sure-fire way to take your outfit to the next level. 

That said, embroidered clothing isn’t about reinventing the wheel. Instead, it’s about bringing new life into simple designs, with cool and comfortable basics working as the best starting point for creating trending fashion choices that are as easy to wear as they are eye-catching.

Want to know how to style one of this summer’s hottest trends? Keep reading to learn how to incorporate more embroidery looks into your wardrobe!

1. Unique Denim Jacket

A denim jacket is one of the most customizable items out there. From patches to fabric paint, jewels to graffiti, expressing your fashion choices on the sleeves, back, and pockets of your trusty denim jacket is now an established look in itself. 

What better way, then, to add life to this classic wardrobe warrior than with decorative flat embroidery? But, while floral blooms and similar timeless embroidery designs spring to mind, daring to be bold with embroidered animals, insects, flags, logos, wording, or anything else is sure to turn heads for all the right reasons. 

2. Delicate Camisole

A great way to add interest to a simple summer look is by combining your favorite denim shorts or jeans with a delicate camisole embroidered with intertwining flowers and leaves. But, if you want to make more of a subtle style statement, choose a camisole with flat embroidery in the same color as the top. Remember, embroidery fashion doesn’t have to be bold and adventurous, it can be understated and minimal too. 

3. Sporty Baseball Cap

The baseball cap is one trending fashion item that lends itself especially well to the puff embroidery treatment.

Using foam to create a 3D effect and a satin stitch to ensure a clean look, puff embroidery makes your style –  and you – really stand out from the crowd. Keep your eye out for club-specific designs to embrace the puff embroidery trend. Or, if you want to design your own logo, simple motifs and logos are the best candidates for puff embroidery. 

4. Floral Sneakers

Adorning unexpected clothing and accessories with beautiful embroidery is at the core of trending fashion looks right now. And what combination could be more perfect than a stunning floral design on a pair of casual sneakers or canvas tennis shoes? It’s new, it’s different, and it’s the perfect way to rock this trend if you’re looking for more low-key embroidery fashion choices. 

5. Tee With a Twist

Again, adding intricate embroidery to a more casual item such as a plain white tee offers an unexpected twist that defies what people might think of when they consider embroidery fashion. Here, while a motif on the front section of your t-shirt will be the most eye-catching, look out for t-shirts with embroidered shoulders, embroidery on the neckline, or as a way to draw attention to a cropped hem. 

6. Monogrammed Tote Bag

Embroidery fashion doesn’t have to be all floral patterns and pretty designs. Lettering, initials, and simple logos are all great ways to express yourself through embroidery. Some fashion retailers even offer embroidery services where they add your chosen initials to one of their top-selling bags for a small extra fee. Or, you could do it yourself by turning a tote bag into a personalized fashion accessory by adding your initials as part of an understated yet luxurious monogram design. 

7. Bohemian Dress

A loose and flowing peasant-style summer dress is the perfect base for delicate embroidery styles and intricate designs. With billowing sleeves, open necks, and that all-important bohemian vibe, these kinds of dresses offer a cool and comfortable way to cover up after a day on the beach. Or, you can pair an embroidered boho dress with leather sandals for an easy yet eclectic summer in the city look. 

8. Athleisure Hoodie

Athleisure is one of the hottest trending fashion styles around. It makes sense, then, that embroidery has also found its way onto sweat pants, sweatshirts, leggings, and other street style must-haves.

But for us, nothing beats embroidery on the back of an oversized hoodie. Here, embroidery adds softness and substance to an everyday basic, with puff embroidery working especially well as a way to emphasize the design and override the baggy, casual feel of the hoodie. Whether you go sporty with an embroidered logo or contrast the look with a more traditional or delicate design, an embroidered hoodie is one of the best fashion choices you can make right now. 

9. Embroidered Jeans 

Denim jeans are a staple in any closet, and with good reason. They’re easy to dress up or down and they work as well in summer with a tank as they do in winter with a sweater. Best of all, jeans look great on everyone. 

But, if you find wearing jeans every day a little repetitive and unoriginal, embroidered jeans are the perfect solution. Flat embroidery on jeans can range from a subtle hint on the back pockets to extravagant embroidered vines and flowers running up the sides of both legs. Or, for a cute and quirky take on this look, pair a simple summer top with jeans featuring a repeat pattern of embroidered cherries or daisies. 

10. Romantic Shirt

Embroidery turns a simple buttoned shirt into a work of art. Pinstripe shirts combine especially well with floral designs while plain white shirts complete with embroidered motifs make a statement that’s easy to pair with jeans, pants, or a skirt. But above all, going for embroidery designs that are a little more romantic ensures that your choice of embroidered shirt will look like anything but office attire!

Styling Embroidered Clothing

From embroidered jeans and hoodies to bags and sneakers adorned with delicate designs, no garment or accessory is too basic or too sporty for the world of embroidery fashion. But, as with incorporating any trending fashions into your wardrobe, be sure to limit yourself to one item of embroidered clothing per outfit!

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