2020 Korean Fashion Trends We Cannot Neglect

Laura Tolentino

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Korean Fashion

South Korean fashion is constantly gaining popularity and this will not stop. Everything related to Korean culture, from K-dramas to the completely unstoppable K-pop invasion is influencing the entire world.

What is South Korean or Korean fashion?

The really interesting thing is that this cannot be defined but is sort of dependent on luxury items. Basically, we have creative youths that create their individual identities. They express themselves through clothes and styling. However, there are some trends that start to shape up, like the very popular ones mentioned below.


In 2020, the athleisure trend just keeps getting stronger and stronger. Both streetwear labels and big brands push out pieces that cater to fans that are interested in this style. In South Korea, athleisure is huge and has been huge for a long time now. It is simply a great way to look chic and stay comfortable at the same time.

Romantic Ruffles

In this look, plenty of ruffles are utilized to add texture and volume to outfits. This is instant and ruffled tops are a huge hit in South Korea right now. Actresses often wear them in K-dramas and you see them on the streets because of how easy it is to quickly dress up outfits with ruffles. As a result, the illusion of be being proper and primp appears, even if you actually wear casual clothes.

Blush Tones

Purples and pinks added to blush tones are a hit with many Koreans. In order to enhance the effect created, match makeup and hair color to the tones of the outfit. At the end of the process, you get a minimal look. It might seem like you put in a lot of work but if you get it right, the result is definitely worth it.

The Statement Blazer

If you want to quickly cheat how you look and get a great result, this is the way to go. You will look dressed up and people will keep their eyes on the blazed. Use the oversized cut or pick the blazer that has a print that can easily capture the attention of others. After you do this, it will simply look like you are ready for a street style shot.


The monotone look is minimalist and enjoys a huge popularity right now. However, this is only the case at first glance because in South Korea, nothing is minimal. Although outfit colors are white or black, some color is added to create a pop that makes everything a lot better. It can come from an accessory or from the color of the hair. No matter where it comes from, monotone is always different and very interesting.

Oversized Tops

This is not new at a global level because oversized tops have been popular for a very long time. However, in South Korea, oversized tops are simply perfect. Proportions are always just right and completely balanced by using statement footwear or tight-fitting bottoms, just to mention a couple of ways in which oversized tops are so well used.


If there is one thing most people know about Korean fashion or K-pop fashion is that accessories are important. Koreans just love to accessorize. This is a trend that keeps getting bigger and bigger as time passes and it relies on one important rule: more is more. You can easily pile on countless accessories and look great so do not be afraid to go overboard.