Best Clothes To Wear If You Have A Rectangle Body Shape

Laura Tolentino

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Most women that have a rectangle body shape are not too happy with how they look. The problem is almost always that women do not know what to wear. That is definitely not something that you should worry too much about. The truth is that you can look stunning but only with the following clothes.

rectangle body shape clothes

Most Jeans And Pants Styles

The truth is that most jeans and pants will look great on you, from slim to skinny. You will want to choose those styles that have hips details and that have extras on bottoms so that dimension can be added. You will love it if it is flowy as you would have an elegant and soft look for your frame. Skinny and tapered jeans do look pretty great. The best idea is to make sure that your jeans will look great around hips and that they create a curve. Wide flare pants have to be avoided.

Jackets – Sweaters – Dresses – Tops – Nipped

All items that are nipped along the waistline or that are nipped under busts look great. You have to be sure that this nip as at the waist level or below bust since this makes the bust look bigger while pushing it up. You add weight to the top area and the waist ends up looking smaller. You can wear scoop necks, bustiers, sweethearts.

Necklines with more skin and a vertical break up are great for those that are well endowed. Wrap styles do look flattering and you will want to consider a camisole when your wrap neckline is too low. This is because dimension will be added to a rectangle body shape.

The best dresses you can choose would feature:

  • Textures, prints and details from your bust up
  • A voluminous hip
  • Bright colors or full light colors with one waist belt that would nip your waist


Belts are highly recommended for the rectangle body shape. They are a great wardrobe investment as they quickly trim the waist. Buy some dark colored ones to maximize the slimming effect even more. Just make sure that you avoid those that have horizontal details because they can make the waist look bigger. Details and prints that are contrasting will aid you to slim the waist if you have a base that is dark. Those that have a small muffin top can wear bends that have some stretch and bulky materials need to always be avoided.

Skirt Styles

You can wear most skirt styles from full circle to A-line. Try to remain focused on flirty and girly skirts that offer a completely feminine shape. You most likely have really great legs so you may want to highlight them. For this body shape, the a-line skirt, layered skirt, paneled skirt and pencil skirts can look tremendous. Consider prints and avoid angular A-line skirts.


Tops are quite interesting because they can add curves on the top area while the waistline ends up looking thinner. There are many top styles that will go great. We recommend those that have many details and interest points. Opt for ruffles, rosettes, bibs, bows and frills.

Other Facts Of Interest

You may want to also consider the following when you have a rectangle body shape:

  • Pleating
  • Breast pockets
  • Lace details right around the sleeve and shoulder area
  • Front panel details
  • Button down shirts