Best Men’s Sunglasses Styles for Summer 2013


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Gone are the days of boring eyewear options. Nowadays there are so many styles, colours and lens shades for the discerning dude that shopping for the right pair can be baffling. Of course, some styles are more on trend than others and these are the men’s sunglasses that are scoring the most style points this summer.

Remember, the more you spend on a pair of sunnies, the more likely they are to have good UVA protection. If you’re seeking the sun this summer, now might be the time to invest in a good designer pair.

If you’re planning to buy your sunglasses online, be sure to pop into the high street first and try a few styles on. This will give you a good idea of what styles suit your face shape best and will also help you to decide what to search for.



Ray-Ban Aviator sunglasses
By Rich Niewiroski Jr. ( [CC-BY-2.5 or Attribution], via Wikimedia Commons

If all else fails, go for a pair of aviators. This is a style that suits most faces and will never fall out of favour with the fashion elite. Tom Cruise wore Ray Ban aviators in Top Gun, but the style has been copied by design houses like Alexander McQueen who have put their own spin on the classic style by adding embellishments.


Thom Browne and Alexander McQueen both have some great square framed sunnies on offer this season. Look for thick, acetate frames: think early ’90s Jarvis Cocker, late ’90s Rivers Cuomo, or a Williamsburg hipster circa 2011. This is a classic hipster look that isn’t going anywhere soon. Round faced chaps especially suit this style.


Half Rimmed

Thick rimmed along the top with no rim along the bottom, these distinctive sunnies are very of the now and suit men with a square face perfectly. Thom Browne and Paul Smith have a few notable examples. Look for interesting patterns: wood, or leopard print are particularly popular at the moment and will add a point of interest.


Printed Frames

Colourful prints are no longer just for the ladies, as this season’s trend for printed men’s sunglasses shows. Whether you go for a psychedelic look, a retro wood effect, or keep it simple with some subtle two tone frames, there are plenty of ways to rock this look. It also may be worth picking up a few different pairs so that you can match the glasses to your outfit. Brown glasses with a blue suit is so not a good look.



By Jaschke (Own work) [CC-BY-SA-3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

The 1950’s rebel style is a big look this summer, so channel your inner James Dean with a pair of Ray Ban wayfarers. This style of sunglasses has been popular for over half a century, and is often cited as the best selling style of all time, challenged only by the similarly retro aviator style. Characterised by their thick trapezoid plastic frames, wayfarers are undergoing something of a revival: and it’s clear to see they’re going nowhere.


Clear Frames

If you’re worried about sunglasses that look a bit too loud or psychedelic, fear not: transparency is a big trend this season, too. Transparent frames will add a bit of intrigue to your style without taking too much attention away from the rest of your ensemble. You can find transparent versions of most frame types, but it looks particularly good on wayfarers. Speaking of which…

What’s your sunglass style?