Put Your Beyonce Style On!

Laura Tolentino

Beyonce is definitely a fashion icon. She is not only popular because of the music that she makes. Every single outfit she wears is analyzed and there are literally thousands of women that copy her or at least try to look as close as possible to what she portrays. There are various moments that stand out in the life of Beyonce when thinking about fashion. Let us take a look at them in this Beyonce style recap.

By Byron Villegas from Marikina City, Philippines (Beyonce Knowles wears swear word t-shirt) [CC-BY-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Early Beyonce Style Days

The beginning of her music career was clearly attached to that of Destiny’s Child. That was when Beyonce’s mother, Tina Knowles, created matching, bright stage ensembles. We got to see many curve hugging gowns and bejeweled mini dresses. As time passes the singer’s style basically changed from that of a teenage pop star to that of a flashy, usually classy style icon. Out of the different clothes worn during this time, the bandeaux tops and sari inspired sports sarongs of the Lady Of Soul 4th edition awards were the ones that stood out. We should also mention the really sexy girl scouts attires for the 2001 Kids Choice Awards.

Leaving Destiny’s Child

Beyonce started her solo career in the year 2002. In that year we saw a rather unflattering sheath, sea urchin themed, at the Grammy Awards. That was not so stunning. However, in the same year, during an episode of TRL, Beyonce style stood out as being associated with the trends thanks to the full denim, similar to what Justin and Britney showcased a year before.

By CLAUDIO MARIOTTO from NEW YORK CITY, USA (Beyonce (New York)) [CC-BY-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Beyonce’s Solo Style Showcase

In 2003 we were faced with a really well received solo career that literally took off. At the VH1 Divas Duet she appeared with an interesting outfit that was messily cut but had bold patterns that basically showcased that we were on our way to soon see something special.

This happened the following year at the 2004 Grammys. Besides the fact that the singer won 5 awards, her gown was perfectly accentuating hips. It did fall short and the color coordination made everything a lot more coordinated than the classy look we usually associated with Beyonce style. Even so, at the MTV Video Music Awards, we saw another error with a choice of short-shorts that were clearly not making her comfortable. We did not really like what we saw this year but it was clear that Beyonce was moving towards a classy style.

In 2005, at the Academy Awards, the vintage Atelier Versace gown made the splash we were looking for. It was classy and easy to remember. The following year, at the Video Music awards, we saw a gown that was inspired by Grecian breastplate. It was a little busy but everything was properly accentuated. We basically saw the birth of a diva.

In 2006 Beyonce style was clearly visible in the stage performances. The first one that we remember is the one that was featured at the World Music Awards. Skimpy leotards in a combination with the metallic long trench dress.

By S Pakhrin from DC, USA (Dreamgirls Premiere) [CC-BY-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

The first time Beyonce literally stole the fashion stage was at the Dreamgirls premiere. That was thanks to the rose colored gown that she was wearing. We had everything that makes a gown perfect for such an occasion: elegant folding and loose curls.

Beyonce style is not just classy and perfect for vogue appearances. We also have moments in which we see much exposure. The 2007 Golden Globe Awards showcased such an example. The dress did highlight the singer’s flawless figure but it was also a little too awkward in the top area.

Nowadays Beyonce style is practically everywhere. Last year we saw something really special in a fiery black skirt that was combined with matching boots and gloves, all complemented by leather black bustier for the PUNK: Chaos To Couture event. It seems that every time we see the singer these days she turns heads. Even when she just goes to a ball game or when she appears on stage with Jay-Z, the Diva does have an outfit that perfectly matches the occasion. We can easily go over the minor imperfections that we see from time to time. After all, she truly is a diva and she does deserve the attention that she receives.