Bringing innovation to a traditional timepiece – a look at Guess watches


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Although a watch has always been seen as somewhat of a traditional timepiece, if you are looking to appeal to the modern society, who also include younger people then getting with the times can be a great way to start. This is exactly what the team at Guess did with their newest marketing technique.


In the last few years alone, the Apple brand has seemingly taken over the world. Whether it’s an iPhone, iPad or iPod, chances are that we all own at least one of these products, and if we don’t, we may be looking into purchasing one in the near future.


Combining these two elements together – a traditional watch with the modern computer – and you get a Guess app for any one of these devices. This idea provides a unique solution to bringing together a designer timepiece with the modern society and ensuring that it appeals to both, the existing audience as well as any new audiences that you might be looking to appeal to.


The App helps users to stay in touch with Guess and it gives the Guess brand a great platform through which to promote their newest products and offer special deals to existing fans. An App can be a great way to talk directly with your cliental and ensure that they are always kept in-the-know about improvements that are being made throughout the brand and any new models that they might be interested in.


In addition the App also gives the brand a unique opportunity to really present a range of special offers and deals to clients – enticing them to make a further purchase with the brand.


We see it commonplace in society for people to be completely engrossed in their mobile phones and applications – even to the point where some applications become a real talking point and this type of viral behaviour is one way that you can really help to get your brand out. By making an app that is unique and stands out, Guess are looking to appeal to this market and they are making their brand easily digestible – most people have access to a smartphone and applications and as such they can quickly and easily access the information that they want when they want it.


As a person who can’t live without their smartphone I understand why Guess Watches have done this – and to be honest I’m more likely to look at the information that I have in the palm of my hand rather than going out to search for it – and for this reason an App can be a great way for a client base to peruse options without having to actually leave home.


Using technology is a technique that businesses have started to use more widely and I believe as we look into the future it will become an increasingly popular way of drawing in new clients and keeping regular clients in contact quite easily.