Cher’s Bold Fashion Style

Laura Tolentino

Cher is revered as an international style icon due to her fearlessness when it comes to fashion. From wearing bedazzled gowns and cutout jumpsuits, to daring and often controversial looks like the ones seen here – Cher has long been known for expressing herself through her wardrobe choices.

From preppy plaid ensembles to her groundbreaking slip dresses of the ’90s, here are five Cher looks that were ahead of their time.

Monochrome Plaid

Cher Horowitz and Dionne Davenport made movie history when they donned the iconic outfits worn in Clueless (1995). Plaid was all the rage back then, from tartan button-ups to plaid mini skirts and dresses; Cher and Dionne took this trend one step further with matching yellow plaid outfits that brought new heights of sophistication. Today’s trendsetters can add their own Clueless touch by layering up an undershirt sweater vest over white shirt before pairing it with plaid mini skirt or black and red check dress – perfect to give any wardrobe an added hint from Clueless!

Alo Yoga’s Jacquard set, in particular, embodies Clueless vibes with its matching pants and skirt as well as its color combination of yellow, black and grey. Additionally, its athleisure style echoes Cher and Dionne’s casual chic aesthetic; just like their original looks it features a V-neck collar with cuffs as well as straight hem for an authentic 90s nostalgia experience! We know fans would adore this style too.

Cher wore hers with silver Mary Janes and a baby pink slip, adding an extra flare with a feather-trim headband and chain-strapped box bag for extra style points.

Cher favored high-fashion looks for most occasions; however, she did sport some casual ensembles for running errands or attending school. While shopping for new clothing she and Cher enjoyed having matching outfits. One such ensemble consisted of matching skirt and top ensembles with berets and pink backpacks.

Cher was always at the cutting-edge of style, so it should come as no surprise that she always rocked the latest accessories. A beret makes an effortless statement that adds sophistication to any preppy ensemble, and has recently seen a revival on runways this year. Channel Cher’s feminine style with one of our cute berets from our knitwear range and achieve an instant transformation!

Silver Mary Janes

Cher has always been known for pushing the envelope when it comes to fashion, particularly during her heyday in the 1970s. She often donned seductive and flashy ensembles paired with dramatic headpieces. Additionally, Cher favored flapper dresses and denim cut-out jumpsuits; although no longer active performer herself, her bold style still influences many modern pop stars today.

Silver Mary Janes are an easy way to add some glitz and shine to any look, whether casual or fancy flapper style. Available in an array of sizes and colors, you are sure to find a pair that best matches your unique sense of style!

Cher made her mark during the 1970s as an icon by wearing many silver shoes with eye-catching rhinestone pairs like these eye-catching pairs made of glass rhinestones that shimmered stunningly, sure to capture everyone’s attention.

Comfort is key when it comes to shoes, and these ones are certainly that. Perfect for a day at the office or just running errands. Add tights or ankle socks for an informal look, or wear with skirts or pants for any event!

At the Oscars of 1986, Cher dazzled everyone with her sparkling Bob Mackie gown topped with a dramatic shawl to add some drama. Cher was no stranger to wearing two-piece fashion trends like these two sequined pieces she wore to Sonny and Cher Comedy Hour 1972 as well as this bejeweled unitard she donned for VH1’s Diva’s 2002.

If you love channeling Cher, this silver and white dress would make for a lovely option on your next girls’ night out. With its high-waisted silhouette and sparkling rhinestone accents, its glamorous style will instantly elevate any ensemble – perfect for weddings and birthday parties alike.

Baby Pink Slip

Cher, born Cherilyn Sarkisian in 1946, came from modest beginnings but pursued her dreams nonetheless. With help from husband Sonny Bono in the early ’60s, Cher became a household name through her flower child early days and signature biker-gymnast onesie signature biker gymnast onesies; always pushing boundaries when it came to fashion – from mini skirts, bell bottom pants, fringed vests and fringed vests in fashion; yetcher was unafraid to mix these trends into unexpected combinations that left everyone amazed and speechless!

Bob Mackie, Cher’s long-time designer, helped her become an icon through his outrageous costumes for The Sonny and Cher Show. From belly-baring halter tops with marabou feathers to lingerie-inspired outfits, each episode featured something more extravagant than before – making Cher an unparalleled fashion icon today. Cher never shied away from wearing costumes that were over-the-top; these memorable looks continue to inspire today.

Cher made headlines in 1973 when she stunned Academy Award viewers in this two-piece gown designed by Mackie that she continued working with throughout her later years, paired with large tiara and statement earrings from H&M and even managed to pull off bangs, something most women did not attempt at that time.

Cher’s fashion sense has long been an influencer, and her outfits serve as an excellent source of fashion inspiration. To emulate Cher’s look at an event, try wearing a beautiful baby pink slip dress paired with classic lace pumps, accessorized with statement jewelry and large sunglasses; finish the look off with a chic hat or scrunchie from Good Squish for added impact – social media star Addison Rae recently posted a picture on Instagram wearing one such combination while accessorized with Good Squish’s tiara and scrunchie to complete her look – something social media star Addison Rae did recently on social media!

Bike Shorts

Cher was not only an incredible singer; she was also a fashion icon. Wearing bold, creative, and one-of-a-kind outfits both on stage and off, Cher wore unique styles that stood out among the crowd. In the early ’60s, she adopted flower power style alongside husband Sonny Bono; wearing long black hair in combination with bell bottom pants featuring fringed vests for extra flair in performance. Cher stood out among crowd with her statuesque figure and ability to pull off 60s trends effortlessly – something not many others could pull off.

As Cher transitioned from her partnership with Sonny to solo career, she adopted floral gowns on her variety show. Cher wore this beautiful white dress that featured large crisscrossing patterning paired with an understated green corset that completed the look.

Cher is known to wear comfortable bike styles that echo her relaxed aesthetic when riding her bicycle, such as wearing shorts. Bicycle shorts make a great addition to any wardrobe in hotter climates such as this spring season – not to mention they offer much greater freedom when riding longer rides!

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