Choosing Accessories For Weddings

Laura Tolentino

When selecting accessories for your wedding, select styles which complement the overall aesthetic of your gown and avoid trends which could quickly date your look.

Reversing metals will also ensure your bridal accessories work harmoniously together, such as matching gold jewelry to white dresses and silver to champagne gowns.


When selecting jewellery for your wedding day look, the key factor should be finding something that complements you and complements the dress. Looking back in 50 years’ time at your photos won’t leave you regretting wearing something trendy at the time but which doesn’t suit your face shape, hairstyle, or dress anymore.

Bridal jewelry options are almost limitless; from classic pearls to delicate drop earrings, every bride can find something she adores. Boho or beach weddings may benefit from adding floral elements like flower crowns for an added pop of floral beauty; alternatively an elaborate headpiece may work better depending on your hairstyle on the big day.

An elegant bracelet can add the perfect finishing touch to your gown and is a great alternative for brides who don’t wish to wear necklaces. When choosing jewelry pieces that will complement the style and color of your wedding gown, take into consideration its style, hues and metal content as certain metals may clash or look outdated.

Earrings can make an unforgettable statement and can add drama depending on the neckline of your dress. Dangling pearls look lovely against strapless dresses while delicate studs may add sophistication and modern glam pieces such as diamante or crystal drop earrings can complete the look perfectly.

Bridal combs can add an elegant finishing touch to any hairstyle, whether an up-do or loose and flowing locks. A vintage themed wedding may feature birdcages or feathered headbands; or for something quirky try shell or jewelled hair combs.

As it’s wise to have several back up accessories on your wedding day, backup earrings may come in handy should one of your desired pair become unavailable, or should your desired heels start bothering your feet unexpectedly. Also, an accessory you thought would go well may actually clash when worn; just in case.

Hair Accessories

Hair accessories are an easy and stylish way to add some shimmer and shimmer to your wedding day look. Ranging from flower crowns and headbands, there is an assortment of beautiful designs that can enhance any look – from flower crowns and elegant headbands, all the way down to stunning tiaras fit for princesses. Or if something more subdued is what’s calling out, try delicate jewelled hair pins or chic clips which effortlessly complete an updo style.

Prior to shopping for bridal hair accessories, it’s essential to take an inventory of both your personal style and the aesthetic of your wedding day. A flower crown will complement romantic looks perfectly; on the other hand, more daring brides may prefer dramatic pieces like gilded diadems. When selecting hairpieces for destination weddings, certain styles might work better than others.

Combs make an elegant bridal hair accessory as they rest comfortably at the back of your head without being as weighty as other options. Ideal for brides with longer locks, they work great both updos and half-up half-down styles – especially boho brides who opt for bohemian styles with natural effects like branch motifs, blossoms, or leaves; for more formal looks try adding a rhinestone tiara that instantly upgrades any updo, as well as crystal and gold pieces – perfect additions for modern brides.

For brides with shorter locks, clip or hair vine may be an ideal solution. These elegant hairpieces can often feature embellishments made of crystals, beads and pearls; making it the ideal option for casual wedding ceremonies that can easily be removed afterward.

Get creative and personalize a special keepsake clip on one side of your hair by monogramming a floral or initials clip for extra special keepsake-worthy memories. Monograms add an additional special touch, making your accessory feel truly personalized!

When selecting your retailer, look for one with an outstanding reputation and glowing customer reviews, offering a selection of bridal hair accessories as well as offering an accommodating return policy in case something doesn’t meet your standards.

Crowns & Tiara’s

Tiaras and crowns add the perfect finishing touches to your wedding day look, giving you a feeling of royalty on your big day and leaving guests with lasting memories of you as their princess bride! Tiaras make you look like royalty while adding some glitzy flare. Choosing which style of crown or tiara depends on both personal preferences as well as the theme/atmosphere of the wedding itself; vintage style tiaras with pearls and crystals would fit beautifully for classic events; while floral-shaped ones could add flair at bohemian themed events.

No matter your budget, there’s sure to be a tiara or crown available that meets it. When making your choice, bear in mind how it should enhance the features of your face – for instance round faces will benefit from something with a central focus while those with more angular features might prefer something with softer shapes. Tiaras and crowns look best worn with short or long hair.

Your bridal ensemble could benefit from adding a cape as an alternate veil solution and to provide extra coverage, especially at outdoor ceremonies or those taking place in cooler climates. Choose a cape that coordinates with your dress to complete this look!

Tiaras and crowns may not be your only options to add some glamour to an ensemble, however. Hair accessories like feminine bows and ribbons have become increasingly popular as bridal hair trends, often worn as simple barrettes or bun wraps for a classic yet elegant look. Other popular choices include flowers as natural decorations as well as crystal headbands or Alice bands which can perfectly accent minimalist dresses.

Consider including a pouch or clutch in your bridal ensemble as well. This is an effective way of organizing all the necessities you’ll need throughout the day, including tissues for emotional outpourings, makeup touchup essentials and your phone so you can capture all those special memories!


Gloves are an elegant bridal accessory, adding a sophisticated touch to any gown. Available in various lengths and materials, gloves should complement both your dress’ style and fabric perfectly. Practice wearing your gloves prior to the big day for optimal results!

Brides who desire a vintage-inspired aesthetic may find opera-length gloves ideal for creating this look, adding an old world aesthetic to their ensemble. In contrast, shorter fingerless gloves make a more modern statement and pair well with strapless dresses; boho-chic couples might try cotton crochet gloves as part of a romantic bohemian ensemble.

When selecting gloves, it’s essential to consider your overall style goal. For instance, if you are wearing lace, choose gloves with similar embellishments so the two accessories coordinate; similarly with any details on your dress like beading or embroidery. Also if you have headpieces such as beaded crowns or other headwear pieces it’s important that they coordinate so your ensemble appears cohesive and polished.

Cornelia James offers an exquisite collection of classic satin or silk gloves, as well as more delicate and distinct styles that are certain to add the perfect finishing touch to your wedding dress. If you need assistance selecting your ideal pair, let Cornelia James’ staff assist with finding them based on their years of experience helping brides select bridal accessories.

With the pandemic in full effect, it may be difficult to focus on wedding planning and prepare for your big day. To do so effectively and avoid unnecessary stress and anxiety, the key to wedding preparation lies in being organized and focused – this way finding bridal accessories will become much simpler!