Choosing Jeans For Your Body Type

Laura Tolentino

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Jeans are one of the go-to wardrobe essentials, yet finding an appropriate pair can sometimes be challenging.

If you have an hourglass shape from top to bottom, choose slim or regular fits that flatter a slim body type. Straight jeans tend to work best for skinny legs and low rise jeans may cause your torso to appear shorter; consider something with mid rise instead. You can also read this guide from PRA-IT about taking care of jeans if you need it.


Are You Shopping for Jeans That Sit Comfortably on Your Waist? They should fit snug but not constricting; otherwise they could pinch and dig into your skin when walking or bending down, or prevent you from comfortably fitting one hand between your thighs – both indicators that the waistband may be too tight.

High-waisted jeans can help define and emphasize long, lean legs. Women with narrower hips may benefit more from mid-rise jeans.

Consider your preferred denim type carefully: some people enjoy having lots of stretch, others find it restrictive, while some can do with minimal elasticity at all. Finding your ideal style and fit requires taking measurements that match up with brands’ size charts as vanity sizing is common and you should also keep length in mind (if your jeans feature hems).


Inseam length refers to the inner leg seam on jeans or pants from their crotch to bottom hem, measured from crotch to hem. Its measurement may depend on your body shape – for instance, pear-shaped women tend to have longer legs in proportion to their torsos, thus leading them to have different inseam measurements than apple-shaped women with shorter legs.

Measuring your inseam length is an integral step to finding the ideal pair of jeans. Do not purchase long or too short-fitted styles that end up leaving you looking sloppy!

Assemble your favorite pair of jeans so the inside leg seam is facing upward, and use a tape measure to determine your inseam length by following along its inside seam as closely as possible. Make sure the measurement runs from the crotch seam all the way to its endpoint (following along as closely as possible the inner seam).

Leg Length

Length is of utmost importance when selecting jeans. Jeans that are too long may create an untidy appearance and be difficult to match with other clothing items, resulting in an awkward ensemble. For optimal results, wear your jeans at or just below ankle level to achieve a sleek appearance.

jeans that are too short can be uncomfortable when sitting, as well as unattractive. To find jeans that will provide maximum comfort when sitting and look unattractive when sitting down, it’s advisable to purchase longer styles that can be cuffed or stacked so they fit properly on both feet and knees.

Wide-leg and flare jeans can create the illusion of longer legs, but should always be worn with shoes to avoid bunching up at the hem. When wearing flat shoes it is recommended to keep the jean hem approximately half an inch off of the ground to allow your tailor to adjust its hem for an aesthetically pleasing look.

Leg Shape

If your legs are shorter than average, low rise jeans and styles with loose or relaxed fits should be avoided to prevent making your legs even shorter than they actually are. Mid rise styles will provide balance to your proportions. Straight leg jeans also tend to flatter shorter heights by creating the illusion of longer legs.

Skinny flare jeans can be an ideal choice for ladies with athletic body shapes. Their slimming fit around the hips and slightly flared out at the knee provide added comfort, making these pants also suitable for ladies with thicker thighs that extend further above their hips.

Men with athletic body types can benefit from wearing skinny or slim fit jeans, which will create a great silhouette as they hug their waist and thighs without looking tight or spray on. However, if their hips are larger than their shoulders then choosing regular-fit jeans may be more flattering as this will provide some breathing room without making their thighs appear bulky.