Cindy Crawford Shoes Collection – 5th Avenue

Laura Tolentino

Cindy Crawford is a glamorous model from Hollywood known for her looks and more. She is a writer, a super-model, an actress and an entrepreneur. She is known to own a number of business joints. Cindy made her debut as a shoe designer when she added a new line of shoes to her string of businesses. Fashion girls soon found a new big thing to talk about and critique but this line already seems to be passing those big tests.

Cindy Crawford’s 5th Avenue Shoe Collection


Cindy Crawford’s 5th Avenue shoe collection was launched in September 2009. It is the other shoe collection named 5th Avenue that is apart from Halle Berry’s 5th Avenue Collection. The collection is handled by a German cobbler and shoemaking company called Deichmann. Deichmann is based in Essen, Germany and has been in business producing fashionable lines since its launch back in 1913. It is reputable and has had a long business history with celebrities ever since. Cindy Crawford herself has over 30 years of business deals with Deichmann.

Elegant and Stylish Collection

5th avenue shoes

Cindy Crawford’s 5th avenue is an elegant and stylish collection of affordable and practical shoes for any occasion. The supermodel’s shoe collection not only sells because of its looks but also for the line and her stores which radiate quality, elegance and style. This is made even better by the fact that she is the face of the collection and does the photo shoots for the collection by herself.

Photo Shoots for the Collection

5th avenue shoes 2

She was once spotted before the launch of the first collection, doing a shoot in the business district of Manhattan, New York which is a prominent fashion capital. Shooting for her own brand promotes her image as a model and it promotes the line because people trust her to have a sure instinct for style and trends and she attracts attention wherever she goes.  Cindy has earned the title of ‘the most photographed model’ back in 1996 when she topped the Alexander Forbes List.

Collection Features

cindy crawford 5th avenue

The collection features several types of shoe wear and these include heels and stilettos, cut out boots, high heeled boots, flat boots, thong sandals, strapped cocktail sandals, evening sandals, ankle boots, knee-high boots, motor cycle boots and ballet flats. Cindy Crawford’s 5th Avenue collection also features several collections such as the Premium Collection of Autumn /Winter 2011-2012 which has sporty half-boots, ankle boots, lace-ups and boots.  They are spiced up with straps and bows and elegant sophisticated details.

As we said earlier, the collection is quite affordable given the supermodel owner of the line and the stylish collection involved. An average Cindy Crawford 5th Avenue pair goes for a mere 30 pounds in Europe. The shoe collection is featured in stores in several big cities in Germany, the UK, France, Serbia, Portugal, the Netherlands and many selected cities throughout Europe as well as the US.

When asked to comment on her stylish and exciting shoe collection venture, Cindy goes like “I love shoes just like any other woman does”, with the widest smile.