Clothing Essentials For Summer Vacation

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Clothing Essentials For Summer Vacation

If you’ve been wondering what clothing essentials to pack for your summer vacation, we’re here to help. Whether you’re heading towards an exotic summer destination or you plan a quick but fun city break, you have to pack your suitcase with cool pieces that will make you look stylish.

Packing half of your wardrobe is never the answer even though you might be tempted to do it. However, the best way to ensure your vacation outfits are on point is to plan them in advance and rely on clothing articles that are versatile.

With that in mind, let’s just explore what clothing essentials you’ll need this summer and how to make the most of them during your trip. A well-packed bag is needed no matter where you’re headed.

Clothing Essentials To Pack For Your Summer Vacation

Our packing adventure has to start with summer clothing essentials but we will also explore the world of accessories and shoes because your summer outfits wouldn’t be complete without them. In this particular section, we will take a look at dresses, skirts, tops, and other clothing articles that can be packed for a stylish summer vacay.

Easy-Breezy Dresses

Summer dresses are a must no matter where you plan your vacation. You can wear them to the beach while exploring small towns or as a fancy dinner alternative to shorts and t-shirts if you plan to go on a hiking trip.

Dresses are not only easy to pack but they will save you a lot of time. Why bother with putting a whole outfit together when you can put a dress on and enjoy your day? Dresses can go from casual to fancy easily. You can dress them down or up depending on your daily activities. However, you have to pack the right dress for your travel. Better yet, the right dresses.

Maxi Dresses

Maxi dresses are always perfect for summer. If a cute seaside town is your destination, white or floral maxis should be in your bag. You can wear them with flip-flops in the morning while going to the beach. Accessorize them with a hat, a cute pair of sandals and a tote bag for a lovely walk. Alternatively, dress them up with heels and jewelry for dinner.

For a city vacation, a pair of sandals and a nice bag are perfect with your maxi dress.

Midi Dresses

While the flowy maxi dresses are a great option for summer vacation, you shouldn’t rule out midi dresses. A little white dress is perfect if your vacation to-do list includes visits to museums, art galleries or exploring the best cafes or restaurants in the city.

Mini Dresses

Not everybody loves them but if you do, you have to take them on vacation with you. Pair them with flat sandals and nice accessories for a chic day look, wear them with heels and a nice cardigan during evenings, or with flip-flops and a beach bag if you go to the beach.

Shirts And Tops

Ok, we really love dresses but we know some of you prefer pants, shorts, and skirts. If that’s you we’re talking about, then you have to pack some lovely shirts, t-shirts, and tops to pair with your favorite shorts, pants, and skirts.

Cotton/Linen Shirt

This versatile clothing article works with everything. You can wear your linen shirt with skirts, shorts, pants, and even as a cardigan on top of your favorite dress. For versatility, we advise you to opt for a neutral linen shirt you can wear with anything. You can try beige, neutral grey, olive green or even white. White looks amazing if you are tanned!

For easy to put together outfits, make sure you pack a few tank tops and t-shirts. You can wear them with shorts and flats for casual outfits or pair them with skirts and wedges for more put together looks.

If you have a fancy evening planned while you’re overseas, you can rely on a silk top and a simple midi skirt. Add some accessories and heels and you’ll have a put-together outfit in just a few minutes.

Pants And Shorts

Are you the type of gall who prefers pants and shorts to dresses and skirts? Or do you plan a hiking trip and dresses and skirts are not good options for you? No problem! You can look chic on vacation without changing your style habits.

Jeans are not the best for summer vacation, especially if you’re headed towards a sunny destination. Opt for summer pants with fun prints and casual shorts for day looks. Pair these with cute tops and chic accessories are you’re good to go. For evening, you can opt for linen trousers in light colors or a simple print. There are plenty of styles, designs, and prints to choose from these days so you have numerous options to choose from if you want to stay away from dresses and skirts. And, of course, if you plan to hike or trek, choose sporty shorts and pants. Comfort is the most important aspect in this case and you should stay away from pants and shorts that don’t allow you to move freely.


Whatever kind of summer style you’re into, packing a skirt or two for vacation is always a good idea. From floral maxis to flowy midis, and cute minis, skirts made a glorious comeback this summer and they come in a variety of styles. There’s no way you don’t have one you absolutely fell in love with this year and, guess what, you should take it on vacation with you.

Floral printed skirts should be your best friends during your beach vacation, especially midi and maxi ones. You can wear them with bralettes, tank tops, and basic t-shirts. No matter what you pair them with, they will make your vacation outfit stylish and lovely. However, city vacation and floral skirts also go along. However, you’ll have to pair them with neutrals, black or white tops to tame them a little bit.

Wrap skirts are another great option no matter where you plan to spend your vacation. Especially since there are so many options to choose from this year. For a city vacation, you can opt for an asymmetrical design, a hi-low variety or ruffles. For beach destinations, choose bright colors or floral prints.

Lightweight Jacket Or A Summer-Weight Sweater

You want perfect and sunny weather for your vacay, right? Who doesn’t…? Nevertheless, you should be prepared for rainy weather or chilly nights. What does this mean? It means you should pack a light jacket, a summer sweater, or a cardigan. Or maybe all, if you know you’re headed towards a destination with changeable weather conditions. Just make sure you opt for neutral colors so the jacket, cardigan or sweater can be paired with the rest of your clothing articles.


Ok, not all summer destinations require swimsuits but, if you go to a beach resort, you most definitely need one. And, thankfully, you have plenty of swimsuit options to choose from.

If you plan to swim a lot, make sure you have a one-piece with you. They are more comfortable and they allow you to move freely compared to bikinis that can be a little bit problematic.

As for colors and styles, go with what your heart desires and remember all bodies are bikini bodies!

Accessories To Take On Summer Vacation

Now, with the clothing essentials out of the way, let’s discuss summer accessories because you definitely need them. Most often than not, we don’t plan to take accessories with us but truth be told, we should because the more accessories we pack the least clothes we actually need. Accessories can change a look in seconds. You can go from a casual day look to an evening look by adding jewelry, you can make a boring look shine with a hat and a pair of chic sunglasses. The opportunities are endless so do not leave your favorite accessories at home


Whether you’re a fan of hats or not, hats shouldn’t miss from your bag while on summer vacation. You’ll avoid sub burns and you’ll look stylish while doing it.

There are many options available. Straw hats are perfect for beach destinations and they usually are a fashion bargain too. For city breaks or hiking, you’ll need a different type of hat, however. If you don’t have a selection of hats to choose from at home, just go on a quick shopping session before you pack your bags because hats are definitely a summer vacation must!


Scarves are versatile and versatility is what you want from your summer accessories you bring with you on vacation. A lightweight scarf can dress up an outfit, can be used to cover your shoulders if you visit a temple or mosque, can protect your skin from the sun, and can add color and vibrancy to a simple outfit.

Since you’re packing for a warm-weather trip, pack a lightweight and breathable linen or cotton scarf.


They make you look mysterious while protecting your eyes from the sun. Sunglasses are perfect like that and, of course, you should take them with you on vacation. Polarized sunglasses are necessary if you want to make sure your eyes are protected. As for styles, make sure the sunglasses you pack go well with the outfits you plan to wear.


Belts shouldn’t miss from your bag! You might not find them important, especially if you have only dresses and skirts in your bag, but they are more important than you believe. You can dress up an outfit with a belt, you can add color to a neutral outfit, you can give shape to a shapeless dress, you can do so many different things with belts so make sure you take at least one with you.


The type of jewelry you should take with you on summer vacation depends on the type of activities you have planned. If you know you’ll have to go for a fancy dinner while on vacation, make sure you pack some statement pieces that can make your outfit stand out. For casual outings, you can work with fun, colorful accessories.

Shoes For Summer Destinations

When it comes to summer vacation, flip-flops seem to be the right choice no matter the destination. But are they really? Honestly, no! They are great for the beach but that’s pretty much it! First of all, they don’t look cute with most outfits. They are a bit tacky, to be fair. Second of all, plastic ones are terrible! They can burn your skin and they are not at all comfortable for long wear. Unless you spend your entire vacation on the beach, you have to pack other shoes as well.

Comfortable Sandals

Comfortable and breathable sandals should come with you on vacation! You have many options here – strappy sandals, block heel sandals with small heels, wedges, and so on. Espadrilles are also an option if you plan to walk a lot or you hate to show your feet.

Waterproof Shoes

If you go hiking, plan to wander around cobblestone streets in Europe or visit a natural park, having waterproof shoes with you is best. You never know when rain will make an appearance and having shoes that can keep your feet dry is never a bad idea. Colorful rain boots and leather or faux leather trainers are good options to consider.

Elegant Shoes

Comfortable footwear is a must during vacation but if you plan to go to fancy events or dinners, you’ll need something else. Strappy sandals with high heels are a safe bet. They go with pretty much any outfit and they will make you look put together and elegant. Opt for metallic colors – they are not only elegant but they look amazing on tanned skin.