Dwayne Johnson Fashion Style

Laura Tolentino

From his WrestleMania heel run to being named People’s 2016 Sexiest Man Alive, The Rock has never stopped showing his muscles. At the London premiere of Black Adam, he continued this trend by wearing a suit typically reserved for guys a quarter his size.

Follow his lead by opting for slim pins that elongate your Herculean frame instead of boxy jackets with wide lapels that look ungainly on you.

Tailored Suits

The Rock is known as “The Greatest Show on Earth”, and stars in films like Rampage due to his remarkable physique. These muscles take years of hard work and dedication, so to waste them by wearing tight fitting, muscle fit suits would be cruel and disgraceful. Luckily, suit fashion has finally opened up more options for guys with larger frames; at the 2017 Academy Awards he showed them off wearing an exquisite midnight blue velvet blazer complete with satin trim detailing and matching bowtie with dark brown Chelsea boots to complete the look.

More recently, WWE superstar John Cena looked his best at the premiere of Jumanji by donning a Dolce & Gabbana floral metallic suit. Paired with black-and-white button down shirt and striped socks paired with black leather dress shoes to complete his ensemble.

In another striking look, The Rock took to Instagram with a monochrome post showing him wearing a Versace shirt and sunglasses from Attitude Era as an homage. It perfectly complimented his black trousers.

Even when The Rock isn’t on the red carpet, he always looks amazing. For instance, for a television interview he donned a light grey suit featuring a large windowpane check pattern which helped balance his massive frame out proportion.

Airport style may not be at the top of most people’s list, but Johnson takes it very seriously. His regular stylist Ilaria Urbinati put together an ideal travel look by pairing a simple Todd Snyder sweater with relaxed J BRAND jeans and luxurious Christian Louboutin sneakers from Christian Louboutin.

The Rock is no stranger to how important jeans can be in creating the right look, preferring skinny ones that don’t cinch too tight while providing some stretch and offering some form of stretchability. He’s also fond of choosing distressed denim with interesting details to add depth and dimension to his ensembles.


Dwayne Johnson stands out as both one of the fittest men on Earth and an eye for style. As a former wrestler turned Hollywood leading man, he still maintains that badass look that made him famous – including sporting Samoan warrior tattoos on both arms as well as one with the Brahma Bull name attached as part of his name tattooed around his wrists.

Few can match The Rock when it comes to style. He knows how to wear suits, dress shoes and even sneakers in an understated yet confident manner, with each ensemble exuding confidence and style. His latest pinstripe suit demonstrates his sartorial savvy – tailored perfectly with classic button down lapels, slim trousers and sleek detailing such as button down lapels with notches – boasting classic button down and notched lapels and slim trousers that give this ensemble a sleek, sophisticated aesthetic – not to mention his dark aviator sunglasses and matching black leather belt.

The Rock stood out during filming of Rampage with an elegant two-piece grey suit paired with a black and white checkered shirt for both formal and casual occasions, complete with brown leather loafers and an exquisite bow tie. This look proved timeless.

The Rock has also donned numerous stylish looks since his film premiere of Skyscraper in March 2022, where he was seen wearing a blue striped suit with tan dress shoes and navy leather belt. Additionally, square aviator sunglasses were completed the ensemble along with an expertly knotted striped shirt.

While filming Rampage, The Rock rocked another look from his wardrobe: a relaxed holiday shirt featuring scantily-clad ladies embroided on it. Its dusky blue hue and loose fit gives off an air of class that would otherwise come across as tacky, while fitting perfectly within his overall ensemble.


T-shirts provide an ideal way for guys with larger frames to look professional while remaining comfortable. The Rock’s t-shirts tend to be plain, tight and well-fitted rather than baggy or loose as is typical among most guys; they feature short or long sleeves with either a crew neckline or V neckline and typically feature solid colors but occasionally feature stripes as well. He likes pairing his tees with jeans or khaki trousers to complete his casual yet smart appearance.

While other tees feature graphic imagery of wrestling moves or characters, The Rock prefers more refined designs on his shirts. He has been seen sporting black and white floral print shirts on red carpet events with jeans and white leather sneakers; also wearing navy trousers with brown suede dress shoes to promote “Black Adam.”

At formal events, The Rock prefers wearing a suit. He typically chooses darker hues such as navy or charcoal but isn’t afraid to experiment with different fabrics and hues – as seen during his floral metallic suit wear at the premiere of “Jumanji” movie on December 9, 2019 which fit him perfectly!

No matter his work environment or social event, The Rock is always dressed in stylish attire. He favors classic, fitted suits with high-quality button down shirts and sleek shoes, although he is not afraid of color or prints (though muted patterns rather than bright ones tend to be his preference).

He has worn suits in different shades of blue and grey; even appearing in green. When not donning suits, The Rock often pairs a button-down shirt with velvet vest for a casual yet iconic look that includes dark jeans. You could add some aviator sunglasses for an added flair!

Casual Wear

The Rock has an easy, unfussy style when it comes to casual wear. He often opts for jeans and a T-shirt in neutral tones such as blue or grey and adds sneakers for an effortlessly cool look. When dressing casually for any event, consider both your personal preferences as well as any specific events – for instance jeans and T-shirt might work great when meeting friends for lunch, while they wouldn’t suit an official business meeting.

Smart casual attire is an ideal choice for business meetings and dinners, offering a comfortable yet professional look. To be effective at smart casual events, avoid wearing clothing too casual or loud like flip flops or ripped jeans; additionally tight clothing should also be avoided as this could make you appear too “show offy.” Instead opt for comfortable khakis or dress pants paired with an eye-catching top.

The Rock is known for his love of classic blue denim and brown shoes, most recently wearing a pair of brown leather boots with jeans and a blue polo shirt for a movie premiere. Additionally, this look was complete with an additional brown leather belt and dark red wallet to complete it all.

He’s known for his affinity for wearing striped shirts, as seen at the premiere of Jumanji: The Next Level film in August 2018 where he donned one. Completing his look were brown leather loafers with stripes. Plus a pair of sunglasses and bag to complete his ensemble!

The Rock has also worn this casual ensemble at previous Oscar Awards ceremonies, pairing the jacket with black bowtie and dark brown dress shoes. Additionally, he sported this look when attending CinemaCon Awards in 2012.

While The Rock may be known for his outsized personality, his fashion sense is impeccable. His style embodies refined yet laid-back sophistication that perfectly complements both his physique and personality. Robert Mata from Ballers provides him with expert tailoring advice so his look remains on point.