Fashion Tips for the Average Guy


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True fashion and really caring about how one looks has historically been relegated to women. But in today’s modern age we are all aware that appearances are important. Men need to create a good first impression and look attractive too, whether it’s to impress a date, land a job or just look sharp day in and day out.

The issue is that many guys are completely clueless about this. They don’t know how to play up their best features (most probably don’t know what their best features are) and aren’t knowledgeable about which clothing they should spend a bit more on.

If you find yourself wondering what you could do to look better, read on for a few simple tips.


Average Guy
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Get to Know your Best Assets

Looking good is really about making the most of what you’ve got. Which aspects of your physical appearance would you want to play up? Perhaps you’ve been working on your arms and have some great muscles to show off. Or, you might have thick, shiny hair. These are the things you’ll want to sort of draw attention to.

On the flip side, it’s always good to artfully draw attention away from the parts of your appearance that you’re not proud of.

Start with a Base of Neutral Pieces

To have a great wardrobe you have to have a good base of simple trousers and shirts. These will give you a versatile starting point for almost any occasion. Shop for classic jeans (ask a salesperson which fit is best), dark-coloured trousers and several neutral t-shirts and shirts in colours like grey, brown, black, charcoal and white.

Spend More on Shoes and Accessories

Your footwear and accessories will be the most eye-catching elements of your outfit. This is why it pays to spend a bit more on them. Go for a high quality pair of leather shoes that work with a number of outfits. You may want to purchase a pair in both black and brown.

It doesn’t have to be flashy, but a nice watch never hurts. And if you wear sunglasses, make sure they’re high quality enough to show off. You can then add things like a leather belt if necessary.

Men’s Bags

Almost everyone needs to carry things from point A to point B, whether it’s to work or school or just when you’re out and about. Consider using a fine men’s shoulder bag or briefcase; these are not only convenient but can help show your good taste.

They have the added benefit of helping you look polished and put together- juggling your keys, wallet, tablet and mobile phone really doesn’t look good on anyone.

Take the Time to Groom

It can be hard when you’re busy, but you simply have to find time to go and get a haircut, shave and keep your nails clean. Keeping up on your personal appearance means it’s important to pay a bit more attention to your routine.

It’s also best to really get any medical or dental issues taken care of as quickly as possible. This may mean a visit to the dermatologist for acne prone skin or a trip to the dentist to take care of any cavities you may have.

Improving your appearance is actually quite simple if you follow these easy tips. You can then go on to really personalise your look.