Green Dresses For Every Occasion

Laura Tolentino

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Green dresses evoke various associations: from fertility and growth to cottage core and bias-cut elegance (remember Scarlett O’Hara in Gone with the Wind?).

From soft sage and mint hues to the striking emerald shade, our collection offers knee-length mini and floor-grazing maxi silhouettes in natural colors that showcase this natural hue.


Green dresses are an adaptable hue perfect for any special event or social gathering, from classic sage green to the vibrant forest green of hollyhock flowers. There are countless hues of this versatile hue available – ranging from the timeless hues of classic sage green and forest green hollyhock petals. Your selection will depend on both the event you’re attending as well as personal preference: for formal events consider long sleeved lace sheath dresses while floral print sundresses may make great casual choices! Whatever style or fabric combination may work best, your perfect green dress can offer flattering silhouettes that complement fabric in all instances!

Fabric of your green dress will influence its style and accessorizing options, from its appearance to how well you accessorize it. When matching it with suits, for example, satin is usually an appropriate choice; other options could include brocade, crepe, silk or sheer material – and crepe can add an airy yet sophisticated feel that brings out its best features!

When accessorizing a green dress, pink and red are typically popular choices when accessorizing. You could also try pairing your outfit with neutral or black shoes for added contrast or for an unexpected pop of color try pairing your look with some polka-dotted or snake print shoes in another shade of green – they could add the final touches!

Gold shoes add an elegant touch to a green dress, particularly those in an emerald hue, such as evening gowns or prom dresses. There’s an assortment of gold footwear options, ranging from sleek pumps to chic sandals; metallic and shiny designs from Sam Edelman or Vince Camuto make great choices when pairing green dresses with gold footwear.

When matching shoes to a green dress, it’s essential to keep in mind the dress itself is already an eye-catching piece. Overdoing it with accessories may result in overpowering the ensemble and ruining its beauty. If you need assistance selecting appropriate footwear for your ensemble, ShoeTease provides inspiration and advice; join their Facebook group for even more assistance styling an outfit.


Green dresses come in many styles and fabrics. While some boast delicate, pale olive hues, others may feature rich and dramatic hues like emerald. When choosing your fabric you should match its use for any special occasion; for example, rich green gowns make an impressive statement at weddings, drawing attention to your sculpted shoulders and toned upper arms while A-line shapes or ball gowns highlight slim waistlines.

While the risk posed by this dress may not be great, it does represent arsenic-treated fashions popular during the mid 19th century. Most dangerous were its paper flowers adorned with arsenic; these contained more arsenic than its fabric, potentially leading to poisoning by ingestion.

This day dress, constructed of vibrant green silk printed with a floral ditsy pattern, displays its style during its period with its bustled silhouette, bright hue, and abundance of trimmings – such as tassels, fringe, and bows – that match its main fabric shade and decorate the sleeves, neckline, skirt, back (Fig 2). These details were highly fashionable at that time and often dyed to match its primary hue (Fig 2).

Considering a green dress for an important event? Consider opting for either a midi or maxi style – maxis are long and flowy while midis feature more tailored silhouettes; both styles work for formal as well as informal occasions.

Your shoe choices when pairing your green dress will also have an effect on its overall appearance. Black, white and neutral hued shoes often pair nicely with various shades of green; or you could experiment with contrasting styles like polka-dot or snake print footwear!

There are numerous shades of green available, so when selecting your dress it should complement both your complexion and skin tone. Avoid selecting shades too close to eye color as this may create an optical illusion.


Green dresses can be worn for many special events and occasions, from St. Patrick’s Day parties to summer weddings. When searching for your ideal green dress, take into account both its purpose and body type; when shopping, for instance if attending a cocktail party with friends a sexy green mini dress could work great; otherwise for gala events or graduation ceremonies opting for something more formal like an elegant green gown may be more suitable.

When choosing shoes to complement a green dress, be sure to select a hue that enhances its hue. Black heels and sandals are classic choices while neutral tones like beige are often suitable. Silver shoes look especially striking with emerald, hunter and khaki green dresses; you have options of metallic sheen or more muted satin finishes available – Stuart Weitzman Nudist Song strappy sandals by Stuart Weitzman are one classic example; Steve Madden Stecy minimal pumps by Steve Madden offer black heels while Sam Edelman Hazel pointed pumps from Sam Edelman offer satin finishes.

On SS20 catwalks, green dresses have made a major impression, from bold jungle-print styles by Sies Marjan to ornately patterned and accented with hot pink by Victoria Beckham; bold shouldered and sleeved enough for Knightley by Roksanda Ilincic; architectural sweeps of verdant green from Mary Katrantzou. Green gowns also remain popular choice at proms, engagement parties and other formal events; tiered midis draw attention to toned shoulders while flowing construction of smock-style sage green gowns show off slim waists.

Before purchasing a green dress, take your measurements and compare them against the size chart of your preferred brand. Green dresses come in an extensive array of sizes from petite to plus, so finding one suitable to you shouldn’t be hard!


Green dresses make a striking choice for prom, cocktail parties and other formal events. Green gowns come in an assortment of silhouettes and hues ranging from pale olive and apple green hues to stunning emerald. New York Dress offers an impressive selection of green gowns sure to please! Strapless designs draw the eye toward sculpted shoulders and toned upper arms, while A-line shapes emphasize a slim waist. Green evening gowns also look good when worn with neutral shoes. Gold shoes are an elegant classic choice when matching green dresses, especially metallic silver-heeled styles like Sam Edelman’s Yaro or Vince Camuto’s Gabe pump. Beige footwear also makes an excellent pairing choice as these versatile shoes can go with virtually all shades of green as well as numerous shoe styles.

Green dresses have made quite an impactful statement lately, dominating SS20 catwalks across multiple designer lines in various forms: jewelled and shiny at Sies Marjan; vivid and voluminous at Victoria Beckham; slinky enough for Knightley at Galvan; and regal and imposing from Roksanda Ilincic. Their verdant hue evokes sirens and folkloric enchantresses as well as unrestrained desire.

At NADINE MERABI, we love accessorizing green dresses. Red is a classic choice; however, other colors such as pink, neutrals and black also complement green wonderfully and can add subtle pops of color that enhance any ensemble.

Be it an amusing strapless design, an eye-catching sheath dress or an eye-catching green maxi, we have something perfect for you. Our collection boasts an array of styles and fabrics such as soft lace to shimmering satin; as well as textures such as embroideries, hand beading and sequined pieces to complete your ensemble.

Your event’s specific requirements will play a big role in choosing a green dress style that’s ideal. When shopping for bridesmaid dresses, consider opting for one in a kelly green or minty lilac hue that complements well with other bridesmaids’ colors; otherwise a strapless green dress with deceptively seductive lines might work best for night out with friends; for an evening with girlfriends try something sexier like an off-shoulder green sweater dress if desired Alternatively a floral printed green floral dress might make an excellent addition to a garden party event or wedding event.