How To Dress The Pear Shaped Body To Look Great

Laura Tolentino

Curvy pear shaped body types are appreciated by many and hated by some. If you have a pear shaped body, you are definitely going to want to emphasize your strengths while minimizing your weaknesses. You can wear skirts, pants and dresses but you should respect some indications.

Pear Body Shape Overview

Out of all the body shapes, the pear one is the most common with women. You can identify it by simply looking in the mirror. Do you have the backside and the hips wider than shoulders? In this case you most likely have a pear shaped body type. The bustline is usually smaller and bustier pears can sometimes be similar to the hourglass style.

Some examples of celebrities with a pear body shape include Kim Kardashian, Eva Longoria, Rihanna, Paris Hilton and Beyonce. All of these are hippy.

How To Dress The Pear Body Shape

Only some style challenges are necessary, with the most important thing being to find some clothing items that would fit the wider hips and the tinier waist. The dress will normally be a challenge since the popular slim cut fashion is not actually what is recommended. It is always a very good idea to talk to a tailor in order to get the clothes properly fit for your own body type.

An important thing with the pear body shape is to focus the attention to the upper area. A pear shaped woman has to focus on that by using fitted tops, slim tops, cardigans and button downed shirts. The area around the neck can be embellished. Dresses and shirts that have an embellished neckline will draw the attention towards the upper part of the body, which is the slimmest area of the pear body shape.

Use layering garments so that you can balance the body. Visual interests have to appear in the body’s top half. A-line dresses or tops will emphasize the body while the wider hips are slimmed.

Remember that wide is always good. Pants, dresses and skirts hems should be wide in order to balance the pear body shape at a visual level. Try to find some comfortable pointy toed shoes and combine them with wide hemmed pants. This will elongate legs and will make you look sexier.

The last tip that we should mention is that you have to get some structure. A perfect fit is found in the structured pants. That is especially true when referring to those that would skim thighs and hips. Try to avoid the flashy embellishments like embroidery, funky pockets and cargo pants.