How To Dress Up Like Naomi Campbell

Laura Tolentino

Naomi Campbell is a supermodel that is basically known by every single person that follows fashion. There are not many fashion icons of the past few years that would come up before her. She had such an incredible modeling career and managed to take advantage of various opportunities during her life. To make matters even more interesting, she is still an icon and still influences fashion. The only real difference is that now she influences the way in which people dress based on her own personal style as opposed to influencing based on the designers that she represents.

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We have to understand the fact that Naomi Campbell is beautiful and did manage to learn a lot about hair stylists, photography and makeup during her career. In order to be able to dress like Naomi Campbell, you will need to go way over the clothes that you wear. You have to live a healthier lifestyle and it is a necessity to know how to properly use makeup.

There is one Naomi Campbell quote that clearly highlights how to dress like her:

I like to wear the clothes, not have them wear me.

This is the main idea behind how celebrities manage to become fashion icons and always influence thousands of people from all around the world. You want to be able to combine styles and pick up something that you appreciate from all, adapting everything to the personal style that you want to highlight.

What do we recommend?

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If you really want to dress up like Naomi Campbell, the most important thing at the end of the day is knowing everything about the current state of the fashion industry. You need to know what is hot and what is not while also being aware of the various trends that are seen as very attractive at the moment. Then, you have to adapt to your body shape and to the style that you managed to develop in the past few years.

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You do not need to look like Naomi Campbell in order to be able to dress up with her flair. This is something that is accessible for everyone.