How to Look Great and Feel Confident in Your First Pair of Glasses

Laura Tolentino

Have you recently been given your first eyeglasses prescription to fill? Are you feeling a bit apprehensive about shopping for and then wearing glasses? For first-time glasses wearers, there is an adjustment period as it takes a bit of time to get used to wearing and feeling comfortable with them. Here are some useful tips that will help you to look great and feel confident in your first pair of glasses.

Start with Your Face Shape

To find the right glasses for your face’s shape, you need to determine which face shape you are. Depending on the angles and features of your face, various frames will compliment you and fit a little better.

Here is a quick look at what shape frames work for each face shape:

  • Square – Choose round, oval, or rounded Wayfarer frames
  • Round – Choose square, rectangle, D-frame, or cat-eye frames
  • Heart – Choose oval, square, rounded Wayfarer, or rounded square frames
  • Oval – Choose round, square, Wayfarer, horn, or oval frames
  • Diamond – Choose oval, rectangle, semi-rimless or rimless, horn-rimmed, or cat-eye frames

If you’re unsure of what your face shape is, there are plenty of online guides that can help you to figure it out.

Choose the Perfect Color of Frames

The next choice will be choosing the perfect frame color. Whether you are drawn to something neutral or understated or you like frames that pop, there are plenty of options. In choosing the best color, you’ll want to take your skin tone and undertones into consideration choosing something that flatters you. You can also think about the common colors in your wardrobe, your hair color, and even your makeup preferences.

The Fit Has to Be Perfect

While you will probably be drawn to frames based on how they look, the fit also has to be perfect. If you’ll be wearing your glasses for long periods, they will need to be lightweight and comfortable. Glasses can also be adjusted to fit your face properly, which tends to involve adjusting the arms.

Another factor to consider in terms of fit is the weight of the lenses. The stronger your prescription is, the thicker the lenses will be, which makes them heavier. If that’s the case you can look into having your lenses thinned. This will make them much lighter and more comfortable.

Keep Your Glasses Clean

The final tip that will ensure you’re comfortable and stylish in your new glasses is to keep them clean. Smudges, smears, fingerprints, water spots, and dust all start to build on the lenses. This can impede your vision but it can also cause you to get a headache, feel dizzy, and even lead to eyestrain. It’s a good idea to keep a soft cleaning cloth handy so you can wipe them throughout the day.

Glasses Can Feel and Look Natural

By following each of these tips, you’ll find that adjusting to glasses for the first time isn’t a big deal and you can feel and look natural and comfortable.