How to Pair Red Lipstick With Complementary Colors

Laura Tolentino

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If you’re wondering how to wear red lipstick, the answer is to use complementary colors. The most common choices are warm reds or blue-based reds, while neutral skin can wear any shade of red. But before you choose your red lipstick, be sure to prepare your lips for the makeup. Exfoliate and moisturize your lips to prevent the lipstick from smudging and staying on too long. Here are some examples of complementary shades.

Copper eyeshadow

The look of a coppery shadow paired with a fiery red lip is hot right now, and this look is sure to get you noticed. To achieve this look, use a copper eyeshadow primer and a fluffy eyeshadow brush. Apply copper to the entire lid, blending it from the inner corner to the outer corner. Next, use a shimmering liquid copper eyeshadow to the outer corner of the eye, blending it for a seamless transition.

If you have blue eyes, try a red eyeshadow with a bright orange lip. Orange is a complementary color to blue and creates a striking contrast. You can also pair orange with a red lipstick to give yourself a sunkissed glow. This look is perfect for a night out! It will be the most flattering look for you. Copper eyeshadow also goes well with red lipstick, giving you a more natural-looking glow.

Vintage patterns

Red lipstick is synonymous with the vintage era and you can channel it with retro-inspired clothes and patterns. A 1950s-style hoop skirt pairs well with a cool red lipstick while a rockabilly look is more likely to work with a warm shade. Vintage styles include bustiers, polka dots, sweetheart necklines and skirts. And vintage makeup looks great with red lipstick, too.

Bold silhouettes

If you’re looking to make a fashion statement, red lipstick will go a long way. The color is so striking, you’ll be the center of attention. Red lipstick will accentuate the natural beauty of your lips, making them look fuller and younger. You’ll also look more polished wearing a bold silhouette, such as a black dress. Here are some tips to help you pull off a bold lip look:

First, try out various shades of red lipstick to see which shade works best for you. If you find one that’s too dark, try a lighter shade. You can also add some lightness with gold lipgloss. Red lipstick can vary greatly in texture. Consider wearing a sheer formula or a stain. The latter is more likely to match the bold silhouette of your outfit. If you’re uncertain of your skin tone, try Sephora’s color IQ before you purchase a lip color.

Matte reds

When wearing matte reds, you must be careful not to overdo it! Rather than a glossy finish, your lips should be moisturized. While lip balm may seem like a good idea, it doesn’t provide the same type of intense color payoff as a matte lipstick. To achieve a more dramatic look, use a lip gloss. Moreover, matte lipsticks tend to settle into cracks and rough patches, leaving you with a less flattering finish.

Yellow-based shades

To complement your complexion, choose a richly pigmented red. This color tends to have warm undertones, which are indicative of gold jewelry or green veins. It is best to pair a rich berry-based red with a warm-toned shade of yellow. Also, choose a fuchsia or magenta-hued shade to bring out your natural warmth.

Fair complexions can wear many types of red lipsticks. Warm reds have a yellow or orange base, and they blend beautifully with this skin tone. Avoid red lipstick with a deep orange base because it may accentuate yellow teeth. Fair skinned women should stick to warm-toned reds and stay away from dark shades. It’s better to change your red lip color according to the season, because it’s possible to get a tan easily.