How to Style Midi Skirts

Laura Tolentino

A popular runway staple and sought-after by fashion elite, the midi skirt is both seductive and sophisticated – an excellent combination. If worn properly it can outshone both miniskirts and maxiskirts alike!

If you want your midi skirt to make an impressionful statement, search for an eye-catching print or sensuous details. Combine it with an understated white top or black cropped shirt for an eye-catching outfit!

1. Tuck in a Sweater

If you prefer simple style over mixing patterns or prints with your midi skirt, consider pairing it with an understated top in similar fabric. A black cropped tee or white button-down dress shirt will instantly dress up your skirt while creating structure to the look. Keeping things monochromatic for year-round appeal or adding some flair with pink or red sweaters for more playful moments works equally well.

Midi skirts may seem conservative compared to their mini or maxi counterparts, yet they can still form the basis of an eye-catching ensemble. By opting for solid neutral colors like black or brown, your midi can easily transition between formal and casual occasions easily by pairing with leather jackets and heels or sneakers – while for added flair try shopping for one in an eye-catching hue like Kelly green, ruby red or punchy pink; don’t be afraid to add texture by pairing your piece with a denim bustier (example).

Midi skirts come in all sorts of lengths, and one of the easiest ones to wear are two inches or so below the knee or just above ankle level. No matter which size midi skirt you select, make sure your shoes are chic and modern by selecting crossover or lace-up flats in neutral tones with heels no higher than an inch high – shoes make or break a midi skirt look so invest in ones that make you look and feel fantastic!

2. Add a Head-to-Toe Monochrome Look

If a full front-and-back tuck isn’t your style, a half tuck may suffice in creating structure without adding bulk to your waist – ideal for midi skirt outfits that need additional structure or dresses/blouses with fuller hemlines which might otherwise balloon out at the base of your torso.

Midi skirts are not only wardrobe essentials, they’re also perfect for an elegant night out. When selecting one in solid colors, dress it up by pairing it with a chic blouse and stylish pumps or heels. If you want something a bit bolder try pairing your skirt with one featuring patterns in tones similar to its color; be careful that any clashing prints don’t create too much visual noise otherwise your outfit could begin looking messy!

Add an edge to your monochrome outfit when you pair your midi skirt with shoes in its same hue, to accentuate your legs and appear taller. According to Net-A-Porter global buying director Ruffle Von der Goltz, incorporating shoes that match with your skirt color “is an effective way to extend its lengthening effect.”

Casual looks include sneakers and a sweater in the same shade as your skirt, while for something more formal a fitted black skirt with leather jacket is an excellent date night option. Be sure to add accessories that highlight its rich hues such as sleek bags or jewelry pieces that complement it!

3. Tuck in a Printed Top

A midi skirt adds polish to any look when worn correctly, especially if you opt for one featuring a high waist or belt for shape. To get the most out of your midi skirt, pair it with a fitted top that can be slightly tucked-in; this helps define your waist while creating an on-trend, pulled-together look. Adding interest by selecting tops made out of different fabrics or going for an all-black ensemble are other great ways to do it!

If you prefer monochrome looks, patterned tops can provide an eye-catching way to break up monotony. Floral or geometric prints add visual interest, while solid hues such as white or black remain classic and versatile. When wearing your printed top with your midi skirt and matching footwear you’ll have an on-trend yet effortless ensemble!

Turn your favorite denim midi skirt into an eye-catching casual ensemble by pairing it with a leather jacket and ankle boots for an everyday casual look. This combination works equally well whether at work or running errands; to add even more edge add a cinched belt or an oversized jacket!

If you’re worried about looking matronly, midi skirts are an effective solution to help keep you from looking matronly. Just ensure to pair it with an appropriate top that doesn’t droop too low or are too long, adding heels for added height; for an alternative twist try opting for feminine wedges!

4. Make Your Midi the Focal Point

Fashion staples don’t get much more versatile than the midi skirt, offering a sleek yet conservative look for most occasions. And with just a few style changes you can take your midi to new heights!

Make your midi the star of the show by selecting an eye-catching design. A black satin midi is an elegant choice that will instantly elevate any ensemble, while its sustainable viscose material also benefits the planet. Or opt for this beautiful boho piece with floral embroidery and ladder lace inserts to stand out.

Make your midi the highlight of any look with its striking print or color. For instance, this floral embroidered midi is ideal for feminine summer looks; or pair it with white knit top and sneakers for an off-duty vibe.

Animal prints make an eye-catching statement in midi skirts, with leopard being particularly trendy this season. Add it to a graphic tee and chunky combat boots for an off-duty look or use it to complete an evening ensemble with black crop top and heels for night outing.

Making your midi the focal point of your look means keeping other elements simple – for instance, Thandi here has chosen to pair her Whistles skirt with classic black blazer, white shoes and accessories that creates an ensemble that works both day and night.

5. Add a Side Slit

The midi skirt may not be as trendy, but it remains an indispensable staple that looks good on anyone when worn correctly.

Proportion is key when styling a midi skirt. If you are top heavy, consider selecting a shorter style to balance out your frame; if you have curves opt for fuller styles to accentuate them. For boyish figures looking for something straighter a straighter design with fishtail or pleated details may work better to suit their figure.

Add an elegant, modern flair to your skirt by including a side slit for extra movement. No matter whether it features delicate lace detailing or bold prints, slits take it from ordinary to extraordinary and help it stand out in the crowd.

To add a slit to your midi skirt, pin its sides together and decide where you would like your seam to end and your slit to begin. Mark this area with fabric marker before stitching your side seams together stopping at your mark – be sure to backstitch both times at each end when sewing this step – once finished press open your slit to complete your midi skirt!