How to Wear a Short Skirt Without Looking Overexposed

Laura Tolentino

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For an elegant and sophisticated look, pair your skirt with heels or pumps in colors that complement the complexion of your skin tone. Or opt for casual flats like sneakers as more comfortable footwear options. This is just the start of how to wear a short skirt without looking overexposed.

Professional stylist Tannya Bernette advises choosing tops with higher necklines and longer sleeves to provide more modest coverage when wearing short skirts, so as to prevent feeling overexposed or vulnerable.

Wear a Top With More Coverage

When wearing a short skirt, it’s essential to balance its shorter length by pairing it with an outfit that provides more coverage. A tucked in blouse or fitted bodysuit work wonderfully well when worn with mini skirts for an aesthetically pleasing and confident appearance. Another chic and modern approach would be layering an oversize cardigan over it and leaving some buttons undone so as to reveal just a trace of skin – an elegant combination perfect for nightlife or even just casual days in the park!

Opting for a longer back skirt is another effective strategy to cover up more of your legs when sitting, and can make them appear longer when combined with shoes that are the same length. Furthermore, these skirts often come asymmetrical between side to side so one leg is shorter than another–making this style great for adding balance when pairing short skirts with other outfits.

Crossing your legs or tucking one ankle behind the other can help cover your thighs while sitting, particularly if wearing a miniskirt that exposes them. Doing this prevents people from seeing your exposed legs from the front view.

Add some glamour and edge to any short skirt outfit by pairing it with black accessories. A hat, beret or wide-brimmed hat can instantly elevate any look and boost confidence in an instant! Likewise, adding sleek crossbody bags or clutch bags complete the look for night out.

When wearing a short skirt, high heels should be avoided as they draw too much attention to your legs and may make you appear overexposed. Instead, pair flats, sneakers, booties or tall boots with your short skirt for a stylish and comfortable ensemble.

Pick a Skirt With a Natural Waistband

When wearing a short skirt, it can be easy to feel as if too much skin is showing. One way of avoiding this feeling is choosing one with an waist that hits at around the level your jeans/pants waist would fall – which typically falls at your natural waistline. Find readymade skirts or create one using a skirt pattern. If your pattern features front and back waistbands and you’re sewing a straight skirt (without gathering), try doing a quick fitting in front of a mirror by pinning out all excess fabric from side seams of your skirt. If this step doesn’t meet your satisfaction, take out fabric at either back seam or center back seam until you achieve an appropriate length.

Add an elegant touch to any look by pairing a high waisted skirt with heels to elongate and conceal hips when wearing small or medium width skirts. Plus, these style can help elongate your frame even further!

If you prefer something more casual, pair your skirt with a high neck top – it can elongate your frame and help disguise any flaws in your stomach area. This look works especially well when wearing tailored skirts.

If a shorter skirt is what you desire, there are various fabric trends available on the market, including faux suede – recently declared one of the best fabrics to wear. This fabric creates a stylish and sexy mini skirt outfit perfect for nights out – pair it with flats or sneakers for casual use, tuck in your white T-shirt for an easy casual look and pair a stylish blazer over it for formal events; adding a belt in complementary color will bring the ensemble together perfectly!

Wear a Loose Skirt in Comfortable Fabric

Selecting the appropriate fabric and outfit when selecting a skirt can help make you more at ease with showing too much skin. A soft drapey style of skirt in fabric that feels good can provide contrast against tighter styles while helping balance out structured designs. Wear an overlying sweater, jacket, or wrap to maintain coverage over your skirt for an added level of comfort.

If you’re worried about flashing others while walking or sitting down, wear spandex shorts underneath your skirt as a form of additional coverage to add coverage and make you appear more secure while stopping it from riding up as you move. Find a pair in the same color at your local sports or gym store for an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Reducing excess fabric is another straightforward way to make a short skirt more comfortable for everyday wear, and when trying on your skirt pin out any surplus from one side seam to cinch in and provide yourself with additional wearing ease. Make sure to stand before a mirror as you pin your skirt, so that as you remove extra material you can see what the result will look like after removal.

Your feet should also feel good if you choose the appropriate footwear, such as flats, sneakers, or booties instead of heels. Heels accentuate your legs’ length and may make you feel exposed, plus they increase the chances of trip ups or falls that could leave you uncomfortable and nervous.

Choose a thicker material like denim, wool, corduroy or other thick materials for more flattering coverage and reduced chances of ride-ups as you move around. Cotton or polyester may easily ride up under you when walking or moving about; denim, wool corduroy will offer better fit to your figure while giving more coverage from back slippage as you move about.

Wear a Long Top

Wearing a long top when pairing short skirts helps cover more of your body, and prevent your look from being overexposed. A long t-shirt or blouse with sleeves that reach to your elbows will provide adequate coverage and will make you feel more secure in yourself and confident. During cooler seasons, cardigans or sweaters also serve as good alternative solutions when it comes to covering up.

High-low skirts can be an ideal solution for women who don’t wish to expose too much skin. These skirts tend to be shorter in the front but longer at the back, eliminating the risk of overexposure when bending over or moving about. A high-low skirt works great with both casual and dressy tops and shoes for an outfit suitable for any occasion.

If you’re worried that too much thigh is showing when wearing a skirt, try layering tights or leggings underneath to give an illusion of more coverage. Choose tights in colors that complement your skin tone for optimal results; or find interesting patterned tights to spice up your outfit even further!

When selecting a long-sleeved or quarter sleeved top to wear with your skirt, keep in mind that its length should match or slightly exceed that of your skirt. A shirt with high neckline or crew-neck style would look more appropriate than delicate spaghetti-strap camis for daytime ensembles.

One way to prevent overly-exposing your legs when wearing a skirt is by pairing it with tall boots or heels that reach no higher than mid calf height. Conversely, heels with straight or narrow toe lines may be most flattering for most body types.

When searching for the ideal skirt to pair with a long top, try to select either solid or small patterns – prints that are several shades darker will usually help avoid eye darting around too much and will ensure an elegant and harmonious outfit.