How To Wear Heels Correctly

Laura Tolentino

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How to wear heels is a question that is asked and answered a lot these days. Just because certain shoes look good on the feet of a seven-year-old does not mean they will look as good on an eighteen-year-old. Wearing the wrong shoes can affect the way a person walks and how comfortable they are. There are many different types of shoes on the market but for women, flats and platform are the two most popular types.

how to wear heels

When it comes to wearing heels the most important factor is finding the right size. A woman should first of all find out her own foot size by using the size charts which can be found either online or in shoe stores. Once she has found the right size then she needs to find a style that will not hinder her walk.

In order to ensure that she gets the right fit in her shoes she must first try on a couple of pairs. Wearing a pair that is too small will cause discomfort for the foot and will also make it difficult to walk in. On the other hand, wearing a pair that is too big will cause her to trip over them thus causing her to end up with blisters. In both cases, you will most likely end up having to visit a pain doctor. Therefore it is important that a woman tries on a few different pairs of shoes before she purchases a pair that will suit her.

It is also important to choose the right type of heels when it comes to buying a pair of shoes. For instance, a woman can choose to wear platform heels or wedges depending on the outfit that she is going to be wearing the next day. When it comes to jeans a woman can decide between a pair of skinny jeans and boot cut jeans or she can even opt for knee length skirt and a pair of ankle boots.

The other thing a woman needs to know about when it comes to wearing heels is about how to accessorize a pair of shoes. For instance, if she is wearing platforms then she should wear some platforms. She can also use platforms to get rid of her flats and she can add some high heels to make her legs look longer. If she already has some nice heels then she should start wearing heels to match her shoes.

The last thing a woman needs to know about wearing heels is that she should always buy a pair that are comfortable to wear. Never buy a pair of high heels that are too expensive as it will just make you spend more money. Also avoid wearing high heels that come with pointed toes as this will strain your feet. Always buy a pair of shoes that have heels that go all the way up your legs as this will give you comfort as well as good posture. Once you follow these tips on wearing heels the next time you go out wearing your jeans and a t-shirt you will surely look beautiful and feminine.