How To Wear The Little Black Dress

Laura Tolentino

The little black dress (LBD) is a staple wardrobe piece that shouldn’t miss from your closet. From casual wear to office wear and evening wear, this item is a versatile piece that you can style in numerous ways. If you learn how to wear the little black dress, you will never wear it the same way.

Of course, we have some tips and ideas for you but don’t be afraid to get creative and to find new ways to style the little black dress.

How To Style The Little Black Dress

How To Style The Little Black DressThe little black dress can be accessorized in different ways. You can wear it with every style of shoes you can think of and you can create any type of outfit you want with it. Basically, the little black dress is like a white canvas. You can create whatever you want to create with it.

Accessorize It

Accessories are a great way to dress down or dress up your favorite clothing articles. And the little black dress makes no exception.

Here are four suggestions:

  • Wear the little black dress with your favorite accessories in the mix to create a look that represents you and your personality.
  • Wear the little black dress with pearls and stilettos for an elegant and timeless look.
  • Wear the little black dress with gladiator sandals and a huge scarf for a bohemian and feminine look.
  • Wear the little black dress with bold accessories, a geometric print blazer, and boots for a modern look.
  • Add a belt to highlight your waist and to create (or accentuate) an hourglass body shape. Try different belt styles. Also, you can wear a cardigan over the dress and the belt over the cardigan. This styling will make you look thinner.
  • Use statement pieces to accessorize the little black dress. Statement necklaces and brooches are perfect for styling the little black dress. Just make sure you keep the rest of the accessories to a minimum.
  • Add a pop of color. This can be anything – a bag, your shoes, a big colorful brooch, a block color blazer. You will look effortlessly chic.


Layering is a great way to create eclectic looks, bohemian look or to change the style of a clothing item. You can add any type of layer you can think of over a little black dress. With some little black dresses, you can wear items underneath it as well.

Here are some suggestions:

  • If you have a strapless LBD, wear it with a classic t-shirt underneath and a pair of boots.
  • Wear a feminine cardigan over the little black dress, ballet flats, and a cross-body bag for a casual-chic daytime outfit.
  • Wear the little black dress with cowboy boots, a denim jacket, and an oversized hat for a casual day out.
  • A leather jacket over a little black dress, metallic accessories and your look will have serious rock vibes.
  • Wear a long knitted cardigan over the little black dress, a pair of biker boots, and a huge scarf for a comfy and relaxed look.
  • Wear the LBD with a military jacket and ankle boots for a military-chic style.
  • A flower print bomber jacket and sneakers paired with a little black dress will create a cute sporty outfit.

Different Styles Of Little Black Dresses

There are different types of little black dresses you can find. All of them are classy and look fabulous if they are styled correctly.

All little black dress styles can be dressed down. However, not all little black dresses are evening-appropriate attire. Stay away from cotton, wool or other daytime materials if you want to wear a little black dress to an evening event but don’t be afraid to dress down an evening little black dress to wear it during the daytime.

Something that will never go out of style, besides the LBD, of course, is all black outfits. So, if you are not a fan of colorful clothing items or accessories, wear your little black clothes with other black clothing items. This can include everything from biker jackets to classic blazer and cardigans.

Neutral colors can make the LBD look dull but some daring white pieces can you look fabulous.

Now let’s talk about the different little black dress styles. When shopping for a little black dress you will most probably come across little black dresses with short or long sleeves or no sleeves at all. Or maybe little black dresses with spaghetti straps. The bottom of the little black dress can also have different designs. The little black dress can be a fit, sheath, shift, bodycon or flare dress.

How To Wear The Little Black Dress For Different Occasions

How To Wear The Little Black Dress For Different OccasionsLittle black dresses for casual daytime looks can be in any style. Any fabric works too if you are good at dressing down elegant items. However, daytime parties, events are a different story. You’ll need something dressier for these occasions. Evening parties usually require a more elegant LBD made of glamorous fabrics and with eye-catching details.

LBD can be worn year round but some materials are better for summer and other work better during winter time. Spring and fall LBD outfits can be created with both summer and winter dresses if the eclectic style is something you like.

Little Black Dress As Work Attire

If you want to wear a little black dress to your office, choose a classic design with a sleek silhouette. Pair the dress with a blazer and courtroom shoes if you have a strict dress code. If you don’t, you can wear the dress with ballet flats and a classic cardigan.

Little Black Dress For Evening Events

Pair a dressy little black dress with classic evening shoes, a glamorous clutch, and timeless jewelry and you will look fabulous.

Little Black Dress for Daytime Events

For daytime events, choose a little black dress with a classic design and use statement accessories to enhance your look. Don’t overdo it! Choose one statement accessory and keep the rest of them simple. For example, you can wear the LBD with a colorful pair of shoes. Or you can keep the shoes black or neutral and add a statement daytime clutch to the mix. If you opt for classic shoes and a classic bag, go for an unconventional brooch or a statement necklace to make the outfit edgier.

Little Black Dress For Daytime Looks

Don’t be afraid to wear a lace little black dress during the day. Just make sure you dress it down with a relaxed leather jacket. Or wear a spaghetti straps little black dress with a cropped sweater, a pair of stilettos, and a big bag for an unforgettable eclectic look.

Be courageous when wearing a little black dress. Style it in new ways and don’t be afraid to get out of your comfort zone.