Inverted Triangle Fashion Tips

Laura Tolentino

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Dressing to flatter an inverted triangle body shape means striking a balance between muscularity on top and volume at the bottom. This look features a slim-fit jumper which de-emphasizes shoulders while emphasizing waist and hips.

Choose a neckline that balances out your wide shoulders; deep and narrow scoop, U-, V- or V-neck styles work best, while asymmetric or halter necks may also elongate your figure.


Are You an Inverted Triangle Body Type? Finding clothing to flatter an inverted triangle body type may be challenging at times. Knowing which items will compliment your figure and avoid clothing that makes you look boxy or droopy are key steps in finding clothing suitable for an inverted triangle figure; dressing an inverted triangle requires finding clothing to balance both shoulders and hips – starting by choosing the appropriate colors in your wardrobe!

Darker shades can help inverted triangles look their best by drawing attention down towards their hips and lower body – this can add volume to their bottom half, especially if adding volume is part of your goal. To add a pop of color into an outfit, pair darker hues with lighter pieces like skirts and pants with wider legs or waistlines – this way adding color makes an impactful statement about who you are as an inverted triangle.

To soften broader shoulder lines, opt for necklines with narrow or scooped necklines instead of deep or wide ones. Furthermore, adding details around your shoulders such as pleats or embellishments may help detract from their horizontal line and soften their impact.

Halter and off-shoulder tops may bring attention to your shoulders, but they may make you appear too square. Baggy or oversized sweaters and jumpers may accentuate broader shoulders. Instead, choose slim-fitting knitwear with fine gauge needles instead; avoid horizontal stripes or bulky fabrics which could add excess volume.

Jackets and coats should highlight your waist to balance out shoulders. Peplum, cutaway and waterfall jackets are great choices for inverted triangle body types, while straight cuts that highlight waist can also work well; just avoid ones that feature wide sleeves or details around shoulders.


Replicating this effect, by layering bold color choices on the bottom half, helps draw attention down and balance for those with an inverted triangle body shape. Clothing choices at the bottom can become powerful styling tools when selecting pants and skirts in light hues with darker skirt colors having slimming effects on outfits.

When it comes to tops, stretchy fabrics that contour your upper body and instantly add shape are best. Look for V-neck, low round, or cowl neck shirts and avoid those featuring halter neck or off-shoulder detailing which might draw attention away from broad shoulders. Raglan sleeves also look good against an inverted triangle body type.

Your jeans and trousers should emphasize your waistline and lengthen your legs, creating an elongated appearance on both. Rugged, patched or distressed jeans create a casual yet non-overbearing appearance while wide leg or flared waistline jeans help shape curves around your hips and thighs for an aesthetically pleasing appearance.

Consider also the length of skirts and pants when purchasing them. Longer skirts, midi-length dresses and floor-length gowns can all help add volume to the lower half of your body while shorter styles that cinch at or flare from the waist can create the illusion that you appear top heavy. When shopping for shorter styles try opting for styles with fitted or flared waistlines to achieve optimal results.


Inverted triangle body types are distinguished by broad shoulders that taper to hips and waistline. While this body type tends to be top-heavy, dressing it well requires adding volume and interest in the lower half of your silhouette – key components include necklines and sleeve details that help achieve this balance while staying true to personal style preferences.

Narrow necklines such as deep and narrow scoop, V, U and asymmetric are effective ways of softening wide shoulders, as are peter pan collared blouses or button down shirts with tuxedo-style button plackets; peter pan collared blouses may also help draw attention away from them. Wide and low necklines should also be avoided to minimize over-emphasized broad shoulders.

Slim and short sleeves work to lengthen the torso. Long, fitted sleeves can add definition while giving the illusion of wider shoulders.

A-line skirts and dresses are great ways to add volume and interest to the lower half of an ensemble. Skirts that flare from the hip line, such as ballerina skirts or bias-cut styles, create curves in proportion with wider shoulders. Furthermore, there are even skirts which add volume in the thigh area for a balanced appearance.

Jackets for those with inverted triangle body types can be difficult to choose as they often exaggerate your broad shoulders and upper body, leaving it looking unbalanced. To combat this issue, opt for coats with straight cuts or styles that define waist lines such as nipped or belted jackets that flare from hip lines like nipped and belted jackets; or try long, slimming jackets in dark hues that won’t draw too much attention away from shoulders and hips.


As someone with an inverted triangle body type, it’s crucial that you create balance by adding volume to the lower half. Clothing styles for women can help achieve this aim by emphasizing waists and hips to create curves. Fitted tops or dresses that skim your upper body can do this; otherwise opt for garments which do not hide waistlines like baggy or boxy pieces that could mask this feature.

Women looking for styles to complement their body can select from various women’s neckline options to enhance their figure, such as deep and narrow scoop or U-necklines, as well as asymmetric necklines and halter necks that help draw attention away from shoulders and chest lines. When searching for jackets to pair with outfits, details that enlarge shoulders such as shoulder pads, puff sleeves with puff-outs, ruffled shoulder details or embroidery on shoulders or epaulets should be avoided to achieve optimal results.

To add volume to the bottom half of your body, choose skirts and pants with flared bottoms or wide legs or flared pants, which flare out at the bottom. A-line skirts and wrap dresses also work great as they call attention to your waist and hip curves.

Knitwear should have a slim fit with fine gauge yarns for optimal results, and should avoid horizontal stripes or chunky sweaters that accentuate shoulders. When pairing an inverted triangle dress with jacket, consider styles with straight cuts that flare out at the waist instead of having horizontal stripes that emphasize shoulders and upper body parts.


If you have an inverted triangle shape, finding clothing with wide hips and wider waist can create an illusion of wider hips and waist. Avoid pants that add volume around your thighs and opt for flared skirts and wide-leg trousers instead.

When it comes to ankles, opt for a midi length shoe to elongate and add curve to your lower half. Patterns, prints and colors can help draw attention downward.

As having an hourglass figure can be an enormous confidence booster, don’t shy away from showing the fullness of your bottoms! Make use of details such as ruffles and pleating to balance out proportions; for added effect wear skirts that float away from hip area as well as dresses featuring tulip sleeves and Juliet necklines for best results.

Though it’s fine to include tops with different necklines, you should avoid shoulder embellishments that emphasize your broad shoulders. Furthermore, avoid jackets with tight waist cinching or bulk around shoulders; tailored jackets with tailored fits may help create a sleek silhouette and should also be considered an option.

Attracting attention to areas often ignored when dressing an inverted triangle body type requires playing with curvatures, colors, volumes and sleeves – simple methods which will allow you to create outfits which showcase your best features while making you feel confident. Have any queries? Drop them below – our staff would love to answer! For more advice on dressing for your body type visit our articles about it – from what clothes to avoid to selecting clothing styles which flatter it best!