Lady Gaga Outfits That Cannot Be Forgotten – A Fashion Statement With Every Attended Event


Lady Gaga is definitely talented and what does stand out is her music but it is impossible not to think about fashion when we talk about the artist. While her new album, Artpop, is a statement, it basically showcases a lot more than just music. Lady Gaga knows how to create fashion trends and her meat dress definitely made a huge statement in the past.

We can say that basically every single Lady Gaga outfit makes some sort of fashion statement. Whenever she appears at an event the cameras are all over here.

Miss Mother Monster basically wore a lot of unusual collections till 2013. She will surely do the same in 2014. The outfits Lady Gaga wore basically range from a clam bikini to the highly appreciated flying dress. She even totally stripped at the G-A-Y event. There is basically no celebrity today that makes a statement like Lady Gaga.

The gallery below is quite hard to create. As you can easily imagine, we have many different choices available and you will surely agree with us in saying the fact that everything is highly subjective. We took into account many different factors. After taking a look at hundreds of Lady Gaga outfits, we stuck with the ones below.

Before we jump into the pictures, we should also mention the hairstyles since they are always so perfect. You have to consider the fact that everything Gaga does oozes fashion. There is no little detail that is not considered. Whether she wears a meat dress or wears nothing at all, everything is perfect, stunning and attractive.

Lady Gaga at GMA Concert:

By TJ Sengel under CC BY 2.0


Lady Gaga at Estádio do Morumbi in Sao Paulo:


Lady Gaga in Sao Paulo
By Focka under CC BY-ND 2.0


Lady Gaga at the monster ball:


Lady GaGa at the monster ball
By petercruise under CC BY 2.0


Lady Gaga in Milan:


The Born This Way Ball Tour, Milan
By cesareb under CC BY 2.0


Another one 🙂


By Eva Rinaldi under CC BY-SA 2.0


Gaga at the GMA Concert


Lady GAGA, GMA Concert
By TJ Sengel under CC BY 2.0

 At 51st grammy awards


By Jazmin Million under CC BY 2.0


Let us know if you liked the Lady Gaga outfits that we showcase above. If not, tell us what we missed. We are sure that you love the artist and might actually know of some outfits that we did not get to see till now. If that is the case, do not neglect the comments section. We always want to hear from you and when talking about Lady Gaga fashion, it is quite obvious that there are many different things that we can talk about.