Ladylike Dressing Returns This Summer

Laura Tolentino

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Clothing makes women so alluring, and one of our favorite trends this season is ladylike dressing resurfacing as one of many fashion trends.

Dressing like a lady can be tricky business. One misplaced bow or frilly ruffle and you could look more 5-year-old than sophisticated. But with careful thought and consideration, achieving a truly gorgeous look should not be beyond you.

Embracing feminine shapes and beautiful details

Dressing like a lady requires you to embrace feminine shapes and details. While this doesn’t require you to wear dresses and skirts daily, rather try incorporating soft colors and feminine details into your ensembles by playing around with different silhouettes, fabrics and accessories; ultimately it all boils down to finding what looks best on you and represents your femininity.

Today we are seeing an optimistic return of femininity in fashion. Designers such as Michael Kors and Khaite have introduced fresh and beautiful styles that bring back soft femininity into fashion – such as sheer lace with floral prints used by Michael Kors while Catherine Holstein combined a cropped hoodie with her skirt suit for an unconventional take on power dressing.

To achieve true female style, it is essential that you embrace the delicate features of your body. This can be achieved through choosing flattering cuts that highlight curves while choosing feminine details like delicate ruffles or lace edgings; adding sophistication with a hemline that ends just above the knee is another way to achieve this look.

Recognizing and accepting your feminine side will not only boost your confidence and empower you, but it will also make you feel more empowered. A woman who truly feels like a lady should not only possess confidence but also be humble and gracious – she should treat everyone around her with respect.

Another way to dress and feel like a lady is by keeping your wardrobe neat and organized. Doing this will save time in the morning, enhance your fashion sense, and ensure you wear only your best clothes all of the time. If you need help getting organized quickly, check out these 15-minute tips on decluttering your closet quickly.

Remember, while it’s great to show the feminine side of your style, it’s equally essential to maintain professionalism and maturity. Being polite and respectful are keys to this success – follow the golden rule “if you have nothing nice to say, don’t say it all!”

Dress for the occasion

Special occasions are events that become embedded in people’s memories, providing an escape from everyday stressors while giving time and space for socialization among friends and loved ones. Dressing appropriately for these occasions is vital in order to make these special events truly enjoyable experiences!

An event such as a wedding is an ideal place to wear an elegant tea dress or gown; they exude femininity. When selecting your outfit for any event, take into account both its location and time of day; this way everyone will remember your look for all of its right reasons, including how your hair and makeup has enhanced it.

Comfort is key

Women should not feel constrained to choose clothing with “ladylike” silhouettes as their top priority, according to many lawyers, engineers, and executives in professional environments. Feminine silhouettes tend to diminish one’s presence and power. Furthermore, clothing such as corsets or dresses that emphasize female form is sometimes downright uncomfortable for their wearers.

Ladylike fashion remains chic: designers such as Christian Dior and Marc Jacobs sent delicate looks down the runway this spring; Janie Bryant of Mad Men has even dabbled with feminine designs! Success lies in its details for successful ladylike style.

Don’t overdo it

Ladylike dressing has made a splash this summer. Fashion houses like Christian Dior, Jonathan Saunders and Marc Jacobs introduced it as a trend in Spring/Summer 2012 shows, while celebs such as Diane Kruger and Alexa Chung embodied it on red carpets and through social media posts. However, to fully embrace this trend it is important not to overdo it. Gone are the days of wearing overly structured blazers to restaurants; instead consider ladylike dressing as elevated wardrobe essentials with feminine touches- polished midi skirts, chic cashmere sweaters combined with barely there pumps and elegant finishing touches such as leather timepieces or reimagined pearls are just a few examples.