Lolita Fashion Mistakes

Laura Tolentino

Lolita Fashion has earned itself quite the renown as being an unsettling subculture, with some alleging pedophilia or sexual fetish associations while others simply classifying it as cosplay.

No matter one’s opinion, Lolitas tend to make some mistakes that are common among them. In this article we’ll outline the most frequently seen fashion missteps of Lolitas and how to avoid them.

1. Not Having a Petticoat

Petticoats are an integral component of Lolita outfits, and there are various styles available. A bell petticoat is typically chosen for classic and Gothic lolita outfits while square dancing petticoats may be more appropriate when dressing steampunk or Alice in Wonderland characters.

Petticoats add both modesty and volume to dresses and skirts, providing the appropriate lolita silhouette. Layering two or more smaller petticoats over one larger one may help lengthen skirt hemlines as well. However, typical Halloween store petticoats should be avoided since they quickly deflate without providing adequate support or have the wrong silhouette.

Lolita outfits typically consist of blouses and cutsews worn over petticoats and skirts, sometimes enhanced with bolero cardigans for color balance or better fit depending on their style. Shoes range from ballet flats to oxfords, while tea party and rocking horse shoes can make great complements in some instances.

2. Not Wearing Bloomers

Lolita needs both a petticoat and bloomers for her look – these short pants trimmed with lace can add modesty or warmth and give the outfit an extra sweet touch!

One common error for novice fashionistas is failing to coordinate their outfits appropriately, such as color coordination or matching different types of lace. Polyvore can help beginners practice these skills before trying them in real life.

Lolita fashion should never cross over into cosplay; therefore it is best to adhere to Lolita guidelines when dressing as Lolita. Any additional pieces outside these parameters, such as shoes or leg wear may cause others to treat you poorly and find your appearance offensive – particularly if you are non-cis female and very thin.

3. Not Wearing Leg Wear

Dressing as a lolita requires subtlety: leg wear should range from classic rocking horse shoes to more casual styles such as Mary Janes or tea party shoes and should always match both in terms of color and style – with round toed shoes in particular being essential.

Lolitas who overdo their makeup and hair often make the mistake of going too far in terms of darkness and makeup application, particularly darker makeup which can make one appear unattractive or creepy; heavy eyeliner and mascara also often create this effect, leading to overly dramatic looks that do not emanate femininity or cuteness. As a rule, Lolitas who do not adhere to this standard are often made fun of online forums as outfit fails are frequently documented therein.

4. Not Wearing Anime

Many Lolitas have found inspiration in fashion through anime characters like Rozen Maiden, Chii from Chobits and Misa Amane from Death Note. But it’s important to keep in mind that anime alone doesn’t dictate their aesthetic values or determine Lolita fashion choices.

An authentic Lolita outfit must strike a balance between open space and lace. As opposed to Cosplay Lolita outfits that often cover her from head-to-toe in lace, authentic Lolita clothing should feature some open areas throughout.

Lolitas tend to shun leggings or tights even though they can add texture and sexy element to their fashion look. Also, Lolitas prefer headbows or headdresses over hats in keeping hair up and away from their face; shapewear such as Spanx can help smooth their figure while they also wear various accessories like gloves, wigs, shoes and parasols for maximum effect.

5. Not Wearing Anime Makeup

Lolita fashion is quite distinct from what most Westerners are used to seeing, and adheres to very stringent rules and guidelines that must be observed correctly; those not following them could even be considered cosplayers! Attempts at cosplay are considered illegal.

Gothic Lolita is one of the more prevalent anime styles, seen frequently among characters like Misa Amane from Death Note, Celestia Ludengburg from Danganronpa and Cyan Hirijikawa from Show by Rock. Sweet Lolita may not be seen as often but still exists; Marry Kozakura from Blindfold Gang wears this look to add child-like charm.

There are other styles, too, such as goth-loli which is dark and uses black and white colors; or hime-loli which uses pink hues.

7. Not Wearing Anime Shoes

Lolita fashion requires anime shoes as an integral component, so failing to include them can quickly ruin an ensemble. They range from classic rocking horse shoes, Mary Janes and tea party shoes – each being essential elements in making up the look.

One common misstep among new Lolitas is failing to wear their hair in an appropriate style or display. While displaying natural locks can add much to their overall appearance.

Lolita should not be seen as a costume or cosplay and should instead be seen as an expression of who you are and your individuality. Unfortunately, Lolita communities can sometimes become toxic environments for expression; therefore it is crucial that conversation remain positive within this community and there are plenty of people supporting its growth.

8. Not Wearing Anime Accessories

As a novice Lolita artist, anime may tempt you to seek inspiration in that medium; however, until you have gained more experience with this style. Unfortunately there are few accurate depictions of Lolita characters and accessories like Chii from Chobits or Misa Amane from Death Note who resemble them – these should not be seen as examples!

Keep in mind that Lolita is fashion and not cosplay, so cheap ribbons, fabrics and other accessories should be avoided for optimal results.

Newcomers to Lolita should avoid wearing black and white, which is often an error made by novice Lolitas introduced through anime. Wearing such colors is particularly hard for non-cis female, non-slender Lolitas to pull off; such individuals are commonly known on 4chan as Itas (its).

9. Not Wearing Anime Jewelry

Lolita fashion trends should not be treated as cosplay; rather, it should be worn in line with their style. Therefore, it is crucial that individuals know which elements are appropriate or not when it comes to traditional lolita outfits; such as wearing black-and-white dress with ruffled edges when trying on this style of ensemble.

Lolitas are known for being charming and innocent, so excess makeup or accessories could detract from this image and appear less authentic. Furthermore, necklaces or earrings that do not go with your outfit should not be worn and it is important not to use hats that don’t match.

10. Not Wearing Anime Wigs

Anime wigs are high-quality pieces of art that should be handled carefully to avoid stressing out their fibers and compromising their style, volume and style. Any unnecessary tugging or pushing may lead to their style deteriorating over time and becoming flat and lifeless.

Lolita girls can experiment with various hairstyles when it comes to their Lolita outfits. Pigtails, buns, and curly styles with or without bangs are among them, while shoes typically include Mary Janes, boots or low heels; leg wear such as bloomers or tights that complement the color of their skirt are essential components of their ensemble; sometimes large hats that are too large can even make you appear out-of-shape! A hat may also add the finishing touches – remember large hats that look too big are to avoid!