Menswear Classics To Have In Your Wardrobe

Laura Tolentino

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For the ultimate in classic menswear style, there are few items more versatile than a pair of black leather loafers. Stylish and practical, these footwear essentials can be worn with tailored trousers and turned-up jeans. Another menswear classic is beige chinos, which never go out of style. ASKET cotton-satin weave chinos are both classic and comfortable, with just enough stretch to make them a perfect fit.

Technical trouser

If you’re looking for a versatile pair of pants that will keep you comfortable, look no further than a technical pair of pants. Made from advanced technical fabrics, these menswear classics are water and stain-resistant, highly breathable, and moisture-wicking. They are also durable, comfortable, and ideal for the workplace or any type of activity.

Field jacket

A field jacket is a versatile and durable outerwear piece that has a long history. Made of durable cotton and linen, a field jacket is ideal for both outdoor activities and indoors. Many versions feature a packable hood, snaps and pockets, and are adjustable at the waist and collar.

Indigo jeans

Indigo jeans are a classic menswear piece that can be dressed up or down. Everyone should have a good pair in their closet. The ideal pair should taper in at the bottom and be able to be turned up for easy dressing. A good pair of indigo jeans should also be selvedge cut, which has exposed stitching.

Prada trouser

Prada’s menswear collection is a blend of classics and modern styling. Its collections feature a wide variety of necklines, ties, and pockets. The designer is aiming to appeal to the new consumer who values history but wants to add his own personal contribution to fashion.

Church’s trouser

Church’s trousers are a menswear classic, and they can be worn all year round. This style is particularly versatile, with bold colors making them suitable for both spring and fall. Traditionally made from cotton twill, they can also be worn during the winter.

Cashmere scarf

A cashmere Todd Snyder menswear scarf can be a versatile accessory that works well with any outfit. Its woven fringes and earth tones add texture and warmth to your outerwear. Men will love the look and feel of this scarf, which can be found in a variety of colors and patterns.

Grey loopback sweatshirt

The grey loopback sweatshirt is an American menswear classic. Made from a soft Portuguese cotton, it features a relaxed fit and a melange effect. Originally a sportswear staple, the brand has evolved its designs while maintaining a sense of tradition. This sweatshirt has long sleeves and is cut for a relaxed fit.