Style Watch: Curvy Women And Pencil Skirts


Every single stylist out there is asked if a curvy woman can wear a pencil skirt. The answer is always simple. A curvy woman can definitely wear pencil skirts but you do need to know some things before you go to the shop and buy something that might actually look horrible on you.

Style Watch Tips To Wear Pencil Skirts When Curvypencil skirt

There are different ways in which a curvy woman of practically any size can look glamorous while wearing a pencil skirt. The most important tips that we can highlight on today’s style watch are the following:

  • Balancing – When hugging curves and going to work, you should consider a pairing with a not snugly but fitting blouse. Feminine details can make everything better and such a combination is perfect for the apple shaped woman.
  • Wearing V Necks And Deep Scoops – In this case, use a statement necklace and a properly fitting blazer.
  • Deep Scoops And Crop Tops – The crop tops are perfect with the pencil skirt and the deep scoop removes torso weight focus.
  • Going Short – In the event that you do not have problems with your thighs, go short, especially if you want to look taller.
  • You Can Wear Prints – Too many women avoid prints but that is not necessary. Make sure that you have fun and add an off-shoulder neckline in order to complement pencil skirt shape.
  • Color Blocks – This is a technique that is simple and that will make you look great. There are many different guides that talk about color blocking in the event that you never tried it before.
  • Horizontal Stripes – Curvy women are used to staying away from the horizontal stripes but that is not always needed. Curvy women with different sizes can wear them. As a general rule of thumb, try to use smaller stripes as size increases.
  • Peplums – Perfect when combining with pencil skirts if you are curvy because flowing is still possible while cinching the waist.
  • Dressing Up And Dressing Down – You can easily dress down the pencil skirt just as with pants but proportions need to be balanced. The opposite is also something that works great.

Other Style Watch Tips To Remember About The Pencil Skirt

As you surely already know, you cannot simply grab the very first pencil skirt that you can get in and wear it. Some things to consider:

  • Fabric is really important. A little bit of lycra is a good idea but when there is too much, the skirt will end up being clingy.
  • Women that are busty need to never wear high waists.
  • Heavier fabrics with specific shapes are recommended. The shapeless fabrics like cotton or hosiery are not great.
  • Make sure that you only buy high quality clothes that you will feel comfortable in.

On the whole, the pencil skirt is great but only if you pay attention to how you actually look in it. There are many styles available right now. Some will be great while others will make you look bad.

Image by Christopher Brown under CC BY 2.0