Sunglasses Just For You


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As Jack Nicholson once said; ‘With my sunglasses I am Jack Nicholson. Without them, I am fat and 70.’Funny how something so small can completely transform you, well at least from neck up, so if you have not yet found your perfect pair; the kind that literally screams out your name from the shelf, why don’t you read on so that you get a bit of inspiration and let the hunt begin?

What’s Your Shape?

By now, we are sure you have already figured out that we all have heads of different sizes and shapes – all devastatingly beautiful! With that, there is no way that we could ALL sport the same pair of sunglasses the same way, what looks awful on your bestie could look sensational on you. Devour the shapes below so that you find your match! 


black sunglasses
By Mark Vegas under CC BY-SA 2.0

Heart Shaped Face

Cat eyed and round rims will do your pretty face justice!  If you are like Katy Perry, you will go all out and bring back the 50’s glamorously. But then again, maybe you like making subtle statements – Dita Von Teese showed us all how cat eyed rims can lack drama but still shout out a bold ‘look at me’.

Not sure whether or not you have a heart shaped face? Well then, do not despair: wide forehead, high cheekbones and a narrow chin; think J-Lo.

Oblong Face

Long faces with striking narrow cheeks and chin – if this sounds like you then don’t hesitate to try oversize and wrap sunglasses, trust us when we say they will do you wonders.

Do try to shy away from narrow frames as they will only make your face longer.


Square Face

They call it the perfect model face – defined jaw line, broad forehead with a proportional length and width. What more could you want?

Butterfly sunglass’ frames were certainly made with you in mind so beg, borrow or steal a pair! Ovals and rounds aren’t so bad either, so go on right ahead and spoil yourself.


Oval Face

Very different from the oblong face, this face is defined by high cheeks, and a chin slightly narrower than the forehead.

These lucky fish have almost every frame shape adorning their flawless face shapes; however, squares and geometric shapes are better than the rest.


Round Face

Round faces are certainly cute; I don’t think we need to go into much detail here.

If you have always wanted a long and slightly thinner face, avoiding curved sunglasses and opting for angular, double browed and soft styles will work to your advantage. If the options you have seem like a handful, then just grab a rectangular pair.


Diamond Face

I don’t know why but each time I see someone with a diamond shaped face, I can’t help but think of the song ‘Diamonds are Forever’, there is something ultra feminine about this face shape.

Yes, diamonds are forever and your face shape is just as priceless – narrow forehead and a chin with slightly wide or high cheekbones – just like a diamond.

Oval and square sunglass’ frames will work well as long as they are not wider than the top of your cheeks.

All exquisite aren’t they? We know! Even more amazing is that they are all under one roof and only a click away – Ray Ban, Prada, Tom Ford; you name a brand and GlassesOnline will have your favourite pair delivered to your doorstep in a heartbeat. We were quite impressed that this site offers all original brands at the most affordable prices, excellent service too, finding such a combination is near impossible these days but they can do it!


Stunners for your Skin Tone

Now that you have a rough idea of what you want – hard work we know – while trying your stunners on, something might seem a little off.

The secret is skin tone; the right shade for your skin will add oomph to ‘normal’, so here is a guide to what you may have to keep in mind during the hunt.

Sultry Chocolate

Careful, careful – black rims can go either way, it is either they are spectacular or dreadful – no in betweens here, you have to make sure that what you chose sways to the spectacular side!

Try metallic or amber, they highlight your cheeks and give you a fresh look to die for.

Sweet Pale

Stay away from blues and greens as these could make you look like a non sparkly vampire, instead, opt for lightweight frames, say rose or light tortoiseshell.

Yummy Olive

Silver, gold and clear and you are set for life!

Black is a safe colour yes but just try to make sure that it’s not too heavy – your aim is to look dashing not hide behind a pair of stunners .