The 5 Most Iconic Collections of the 2010s

Laura Tolentino

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The 2010s was a decade filled with eye-catching fashion shows that profoundly changed fashion and style for years to come. From Chanel’s legendary supermarket set design to Versace’s supermodel tableau, here are the collections that changed the game forever.

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1. Chanel

Chanel has long been a leading player in fashion, famed for their timeless and seductive designs and exceptional customer service. They also pride themselves on meeting high quality standards when it comes to product integrity and product delivery.

Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel established the Chanel brand, which quickly rose in popularity among women worldwide for its iconic hats, dresses and perfume. Today the popularity of Coco remains intact and continues to thrive worldwide.

Coco Chanel rose from poverty and lived with five siblings in one-room flat to become an immensely successful businesswoman. Her keen understanding of women’s fashion needs combined with an entrepreneurial drive helped propel her success within the industry.

Karl Lagerfeld took over after Coco Chanel died in 1971, helping transform Chanel into one of fashion’s powerhouses by injecting fresh designs and playful aesthetics into its collections. During his tenure, Lagerfeld successfully modernised Chanel while adding new flair.

He created works that were as charming and stylish as they were bold and defiant; one such example is the Oh My Boy Graffiti bag, an eye-catching backpack seemingly defaced with graffiti.

Chanel 2.55 handbag has long been a timeless classic in women’s wardrobes around the globe. This iconic design marries the house’s signature padded leather aesthetic with a gold chain shoulder strap to form an ideal strong yet lightweight handbag that never goes out of fashion.

As it became so wildly popular, this bag is still sold worldwide in various sizes and shapes. Another timeless design from Chanel that remains popular today is their Perspex and Glass Perfume Bottle Clutch from AW13; inspired by the Chanel No. 5 flacon flacon this must-have makes a bold statement about her personality!

2. Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs is one of the world’s premier fashion designers, having created numerous era-defining collections over his long career in fashion. From his grunge collection in the early 90s to leading Louis Vuitton for several years afterward, his contributions have made history and are highly revered today.

His designs have had an indelible influence on a generation of designers, such as Proenza Schouler and Antonio Marras, while young design duos drew upon his use of unconventional fabrics and passion for 1970s silhouettes to form their collections. Jacobs also translated glam rock ideals into his Palamo-Lovinski label.

Jacobs draws his creative energy from music and subculture, such as listening to everything from Sonic Youth to classical music while designing. Additionally, his designs incorporate elements from Japanese culture for an added layer of cool.

Jacobs’ Fall 2009 ready-to-wear line pays homage to New York City through its mythology with exaggerated and platformed forms, black and white hues and fluoro accents in its bags reminiscent of New York’s famed Baguette bag.

FENDI by Marc Jacobs’ latest collection features more than just its signature Baguette bag; other accessories have an edge, like neon yellow hooded sweatshirts and t-shirts that pair nicely with an over-sized pocket-shaped pouch bag.

Marc Jacobs bags are another hit from their brand. Offering various styles and sizes to meet everyone’s needs, you are bound to find one suitable.

Marc Jacobs bags are must-have accessories in your wardrobe, with their sleek sculptural designs and high-quality materials. With multiple compartments to help organize your belongings and their iconic logo featuring gold-tone hardware – you are sure to find one perfect for every outfit you wear! Check out our selection of Marc Jacobs totes, cross body bags and clutch bags today and discover one perfect for you.

3. Alexander McQueen

Alexander McQueen never reached the same levels of popularity as Marc Jacobs or Christian Dior; nonetheless he was an innovative and controversial fashion designer renowned for pushing boundaries of fashion with his theatrical spectacles and eye-catching collections like Jack the Ripper Stalks His Victims (which was bought outright by Isabella Blow). This groundbreaking collection laid the foundation of his early work.

McQueen was inspired by Victorian murderer Jack the Ripper when creating his master’s degree collection at Central Saint Martins in 1992, culminating in an exhibition that showcased many iconic designs, including three-point origami frockcoat worn by Kate Moss on her first solo runway show.

McQueen was renowned for drawing inspiration from art, film and music to craft his collections. His designs often used fashion as a vehicle to challenge social norms while celebrating individualism while providing space for bodies to speak their truths.

His Highland Rape collection became one of his most memorable shows, when blood-splattered models donned tartan-patterned clothing with torn bodices and torn lace to wear, prompting accusations of misogyny from critics.

Ian Bonhote and Peter Ettedgui’s documentary McQueen explores designer Alexander McQueen’s creative life through archival footage and interviews with close friends and colleagues of his. It explores how McQueen transformed runway conventions with seasonal shows that became unmissable theatrical events for their audience.

As well as his spectacular events, McQueen often drew upon personal experience for fashion inspiration. For instance, he once got a tattoo of a taxi driver’s license on his arm; and after one show sent out his collection without paying for a cloakroom!

4. Versace

Versace is a legendary fashion brand with an incredible history. As one of the premier luxury brands worldwide, they are well known for their distinctive logo and designs that are recognized globally.

Gianni Versace created his fashion brand from his love of fashion and design, beginning as a store when he was still young before eventually expanding to become what we know today. Inspired by Greek mythological creatures and art as well as Medusa’s head as his source of inspiration for creating their logo, Versace flourished into what we know now as one of the leading luxury fashion houses worldwide.

Versace enjoyed immense popularity during the 90s and was revered for their eye-catching siren dresses made of polyvinyl chloride or aluminum mesh – often creating flashy looks! Additionally, they were famed for their silver mesh togas and sophisticated bondage gear.

Madonna, Princess Diana and Elton John all wore Versace with great pride and had strong connections with its designer.

As a result, the brand gained widespread acclaim throughout the globe, boasting more than 130 boutiques worldwide and being actively associated with celebrity clients who wore its products.

The company had licensing agreements with other firms to produce lifestyle products such as rugs, perfumes and neckwear for lifestyle use. Furthermore, it provided costumes for numerous theater productions.

Gianni Versace passed away in 1997 and his sister Donatella assumed responsibility for design. Since then, the brand has continued its rise – now becoming the second-largest fashion company globally with estimated annual revenues estimated at $807 Million.

5. Louis Vuitton

Louis Vuitton has long been recognized as an esteemed fashion house and one of the premier global manufacturers. They’re widely revered for creating iconic luggage and accessories known worldwide. Since 1854, they’ve earned themselves an esteemed status among consumers for being high quality, timeless and innovative products.

Initial recognition for this brand came through its iconic trunks; however, over time their name became associated with luxury travel. Their first trunks were square in shape but quickly evolved to rectangular ones; these canvas trunks also provided additional benefits of durability and waterproofness – becoming the first hardwearing and waterproof versions ever manufactured!

Louis Vuitton saw its fortunes soar further when, as an apprentice box-maker and packer for Empress Eugenie de Montijo, Louis was appointed to create custom boxes and pack them on her behalf. This allowed him to meet an elite and royal clientele who sought his expertise later on.

Marc Jacobs served as Artistic Director from 1997 until 2013. During this time he successfully introduced the brand into modern culture while working alongside Stephen Sprouse and Takashi Murakami – two notable figures that helped elevate it further.

Nicolas Ghesquiere joined Louis Vuitton after leaving its former Creative Director in 2013, and quickly brought a fresh approach and revitalized its longstanding history by introducing modern interpretations to classic designs.

He updated the Keepall and Speedy bags with more minimal silhouettes and sleek lines that have become must-haves among fans of LV. In addition, he created Petite Malle bags which reflect original trunk designs created in its early days.

Louis Vuitton remains at the forefront of innovation, meeting customer needs through their wide array of watches, jewellery, accessories and perfumes.