The Benefits of Natural Moisturizers

Laura Tolentino

Natural moisturizers nourish your skin using plant-based oils and botanical extracts from nature that have beneficial properties. They’re an eco-friendly alternative to store-bought beauty products and help reduce waste caused by plastic packaging waste.

No matter the condition of your skin – whether dry and sensitive, oily and acne-prone or combination – there is a natural face moisturizer, hand cream or body butter designed specifically to meet it. Check out the options below that don’t contain synthetic additives!

They’re Free of Synthetic Add-Ons

Natural moisturizers offer an effective way to maintain clean and healthy skin without the synthetic add-ons often found in store-bought lotions. Natural ingredients found in homemade moisturizers may include healing oils, plant extracts and beneficial bacteria; homegrown versions may even be preservative-free – making homemade creams the ideal solution for sensitive skin types. Preservatives are chemicals or natural substances added to products containing water to inhibit or kill off microorganism growth like fungi and bacteria growth; preservatives play an essential role in personal care products stored for a prolonged time on shelves – some commonly used preservatives used include phenoxyethanol and parabens (methyl, propyl & ethyl).

Natural face moisturizers without harsh chemicals tend to contain antioxidant-rich plants and seeds like avocado oil, pomegranate extract and Kakadu plum extract that may help reduce fine lines and wrinkles, boost skin elasticity and give a radiant glow to the complexion. Look out for facial moisturizers featuring these powerful plants and seeds such as Avocado oil, Pomegranate extract or Kakadu plum extract in their formulations.

Organic and natural face moisturizers can help protect against environmental stressors like pollution and climate changes by moisturizing with natural moisturizers that are often less greasy than their synthetic counterparts. Organic moisturizers may be particularly suitable for dry or combination skin types and should be applied after cleansing, toning and applying facial oil.

Homemade natural face moisturizer can be made using simple ingredients such as coconut oil, jojoba oil and shea butter. These ingredients provide moisture as well as essential fatty acids to nourished the skin while plant oils like sunflower seed oil and rosehip seed oil help fight free radicals. Plant extracts such as green tea leaves, rosemary leaves, chamomile flowers and lavender flowers may provide anti-inflammatory benefits and aromatherapy properties, while natural fragrances and essential oils offer therapeutic effects as well as aromatic aromatherapy properties.

EmpireSquid Organics‘ moisturizers are another example of zero waste moisturizers available today; their moisturizing body lotions come in glass jars that can be reused, recycled, or refilled after each use. Choose between their Triple Body Butter with organic blend of jojoba, mango and grape seed oils or the Unscented version containing only shea butter for your soothing body moisturizer needs. You’ll also find other zero waste skin care products from this California-based company including organic cleansers, toners and natural acne treatments among them!

They Keep Your Skin Hydrated

Selecting natural moisturizers is essential for healthy skin. Moisturizing helps avoid dryness that leads to wrinkles, sagging and dark spots – weather factors, overwashing and certain medical conditions all play a part; but using a moisturizing routine may be effective in alleviating dryness.

Moisturizers are designed to hydrate and replenish the natural oil barrier on our skin in order to strengthen it, helping reduce inflammation, improve elasticity and delay premature aging.

An effective natural moisturizer should contain ingredients such as shea butter, jojoba oil, aloe vera juice and alfalfa leaf extract to nourish and comfort the skin. In addition, avocado oil and squalane will support barrier function as well as provide additional antioxidant protection from environmental aggressors like ferulic acid or vitamin E.

As for natural night creams, we recommend creamy formulas with skin-nourishing ingredients such as Babo Botanicals Miracle Moisturizing Face Cream featuring colloidal oatmeal and organic calendula for maximum hydration during sleep and repair processes. Such creams provide deep hydration while aiding repair processes – crucial steps towards helping your complexion regain its youthful radiance and beauty.

An effective natural night cream can also include a rich, nourishing moisturizer such as Alpyn Beauty’s PlantGenius Melt Moisturizer. This soothing lotion features wildcrafted and sustainably-sourced plant oils such as squalane, shea butter and bakuchiol to deeply hydrate skin while restoring its natural beauty. In addition, Rosa Damascena Flower Water, Pyrus Malus Seed Extract and Centella Asiatica Meristem Cell Culture help calm and heal.

Homemade natural moisturizers can also be created without preservatives to help protect the skin from potentially harmful microorganisms. This can be accomplished by creating products in small batches for immediate consumption, adding antimicrobial ingredients or creating anhydrous products which do not contain water to avoid bacteria growth, mold growth or yeast blooms that occur when introduced to moisture in cosmetic containers.

They’re Kind to Your Skin

Natural moisturizers typically lack synthetic additives that may irritate skin, and instead come packed with beneficial plant-derived ingredients like botanical extracts and essential oils, plant-based butters and plant-derived lipids sourced directly from nature that offer vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that are much gentler on complexion than their synthetic counterparts.

Many natural ingredients can even be found right in your own kitchen pantry! Many of the same nutritious cooking and baking ingredients you rely on for body nourishment also work wonders when applied topically, such as Manuka honey as an antimicrobial moisturizer for dry or irritated skin that works to relieve symptoms and encourage healing.

Natural face moisturizers often include carrier oils such as olive, almond or jojoba to balance sebum production and provide adequate hydration, while also being rich in vitamin E to rejuvenate skin rejuvenation. Some moisturizers also may include an active ingredient like hyaluronic acid which provides deep hydration while simultaneously decreasing dryness.

There are also natural moisturizers that employ an emulsion of water and oil, commonly referred to as “water-in-oil.” This moisturizing formulation is lighter than others, providing hydration without disrupting your lipid barrier or irritating sensitive skin. Chamomile, green tea or shea butter may provide soothing and anti-inflammatory benefits – these types of natural moisturizers make great options for soothing sensitive skin conditions.

Natural facial moisturizers containing an active like salicylic acid may help regulate oil production while stimulating new cell formation, while adding softening glycerin can soften and smooth the complexion while stopping sebum over-production.

For those suffering from sensitive, dry or atopic dermatitis skin conditions, choosing a non-toxic moisturizer that includes soothing ingredients like aloe vera, chamomile, green tea or shea can make a significant difference to how your complexion looks and feels. Choose fragrance-free versions as these will prevent irritation as well as providing necessary humectants or emollients to keep it hydrated throughout the day. Furthermore, selecting one specifically made to target this condition can have even greater results.

They’re a Burst of Goodness

Make Your Own Natural Face Moisturizer Today

Moisturizers are an integral component of skincare routine, providing essential hydration for healthy skin. If you’re struggling to find your ideal moisturizer, try opting for one made with natural and organic ingredients that your body recognizes and loves instead.

Natural body butters, lotions and milks contain skin-care ingredients you can trust without fear. Free from parabens and petroleum-derived components which could potentially enter the bloodstream and lead to health concerns in later years, these natural beauty products offer great skin protection without the hassle.

Natural moisturizers also include humectants, which extract water from the air to hydrate your skin, and emollients – softeners used to help smooth and soften skin; typically found in shea butter, jojoba oil and beeswax as examples – in order to make you feel smooth and soft. Furthermore, you will find occlusives (oily substances which prevent evaporation of moisture thereby keeping the skin from feeling dry – examples being mineral oil and paraffin).

Preservatives are also essential in natural moisturizers to ward off harmful bacteria, yeast and fungi growth in cosmetic containers, especially face creams and body butters with higher water content which spoil more quickly than their synthetic counterparts.

Make your own natural face moisturizer at home using argan or sweet almond oil as the carrier oil, then combine a combination of ingredients tailored specifically to your skin type and preference – for instance if you have sensitive skin you might opt for soothing ingredients like shea butter and aloe vera for example.