The Best Elizabeth Taylor Fashion Trends of All Time

Laura Tolentino

They say clothes make the woman, and Elizabeth Taylor was known for having an impressive wardrobe of showstoppers that left people speechless. From exquisite taffeta gowns that would put Dynasty’s wardrobe department to shame to extravagant loungewear like her signature kaftans and bejeweled ponchos – she knew exactly how to create an authentically her look.

The Cleopatra Cape

Recently, Elizabeth Taylor’s gold ceremonial cape from 1963’s Cleopatra film was sold at auction for an astounding price of $59,375. Embellished with golden bugles and gold-painted leather panels reminiscent of Phoenix wings, it served more than just as costume wear; Taylor donned it throughout filming as well as in numerous photo shoots; it became an icon during its time.

The film was made during Hollywood’s golden era of lavish period productions that responded to television and cable movies by offering grand spectacles set in antiquity with widescreen Technicolor cinematography filmed with wide audiences in mind. Samson and Delilah, Ben-Hur, The Robe and Spartacus all received Academy Awards for their costumes during this era.

Costume designer Irene Sharaff was not concerned with current fashion; rather, her focus was more on character development and heightening drama. For instance, eight of Cleopatra’s 38 costumes are in shades of purple to represent both her royal status and highlight her iconic violet eyes; additionally, most outer garments had fitted waistlines designed to emphasize Taylor’s body type.

Costumes played an enormous role in the movie’s budget, yet it would be wrong to assume they are inaccurate. Most Egyptian-inspired costumes did not contain real gold; authentic ancient garments often did not contain such precious materials.

Costumes were constructed and designed as accurately as possible; however, they should not be seen as historical documents. For instance, no real ancient Egyptian queen would have had her hair cut off as seen in the film; most scholars believe Cleopatra had long, dark locks which she wore loose and wavy; capes worn by royalty may have been inspired by kalasiris cloaks worn to protect from sunrays.

The Leopard Print Fur Coat

Animal print made its debut during the ’60s, when powerhouse women like Elizabeth Taylor donned leopard coats to exude power and confidence. Since then, rock ‘n’ roll icons such as Debbie Harry and Grace Jones also opted for animal-print coats as a statement piece that showed their rebellious sides. Contemporary icons including Gigi Hadid, Carine Roitfeld and Alexa Chung still use animal-printed outerwear pieces like this versatile outerwear piece to project both femininity and self-confidence simultaneously.

Leopard coats made their mark at Fall 2016 runway shows, where designers incorporated leopard prints into fur silhouettes. At Givenchy, creative director Riccardo Tisci combined leopard prints and shearling, while Isabel Marant incorporated less aggressive forms of leopard prints. Dries Van Noten paid tribute to Milanese aristocrat and patron of the arts Marchesa Luisa Casati by dressing models in leopard capes cloaking models in leopard patterns.

Are you searching to add some bold diva flair to your closet? Look no further than MICHAEL Michael Kors’ luxurious faux fur jacket with concealed front snap-button fastening, lapel collar, long sleeves, lined side pockets and relaxed silhouette – it will surely stand out! Perfect for elevating off-duty looks.

The animal print jacket is a stylish fashion trend available in an assortment of sizes and colors, perfect for pairing with jeans or even formal wear such as dresses. Although available online at $14,700, affordable replicas can be purchased for under $500; additionally there are genuine mink or calf hair coats ethically sourced from animals with warranties to cover ethical practices sourcing them from animals.

The White Slip

Elizabeth Taylor always exuded sophistication, whether she was wearing an elaborate full-skirted gown or layering on plush shawls for shopping in Beverly Hills. A slip is an indispensable piece that helps prevent too-sheer dresses in certain light; plus its versatile fabric adds texture and dimension. A white slip looks particularly striking when worn alongside black garments for an eye-catching ensemble!

Dressing appropriately was important to her, and she always looked impeccable when attending political events. As an outspoken activist for AIDS research, she utilized her glamorous persona to raise awareness of both disease and research funding needs – using fashion such as Valentino, Yves Saint Laurent or Chanel garments to influence change through style.

Taylor’s wardrobe changed over the decades in tandem with her career and charitable activities; yet she remained true to her commitment to glamour. Floor-sweeping ball gowns gave way to perma-tan shift dresses with tailored suits in the 1960s; finally bold-shouldered taffeta suits in the ’80s were her trademark look.

Although floor-sweeping ball gowns make a statement at events, a shorter hemline can also make quite the statement when it comes to event dressing. Taylor was famous for opting for figure-hugging dresses with plunging necklines that showed her figure and always selected appropriate accessories such as chain link bracelets or feathered fascinators to complement them at events in Parisian galas; never deviating from her signature look of saturated red lips and bold brows.

Elizabeth Taylor was an icon of film, fashion and fabulousness; her “more is more” approach to style continues to influence generations of sophisticated aesthetes today. To mark Elizabeth’s 88th birthday and pay our respects, here are some of her iconic outfits we revisited for this tribute piece.

The Hats

Elizabeth Taylor epitomized elegance for generations, from floor-sweeping ball gowns to taffeta caftans she never failed to deliver drama, beauty, and sophistication that we associate with her name. While her career moved away from acting toward philanthropy she never compromised on her glamorous style – from plunging necklines and beautiful jewels it always exuded bold beauty.

Hats are an integral component of any wardrobe, and Taylor was no different. While she enjoyed sporting various headpieces throughout her career – berets being one of her favorites – Taylor paired them with her distinctive style in films like National Velvet (1948) or Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (1955).

Taylor often donned the iconic pillbox hat. Created to highlight a woman’s cheekbones, this style was ideal for amplifying the effects of smoky eyes and full lips as well as complementing fitted dresses – regardless of whether she was dressed up in glittery dresses or wearing casual clothing like smocks, Taylor knew exactly how to pull off wearing her beloved pillbox hat!

She was particularly fond of wearing shorter-brimmed hats during the swinging sixties; often pairing them with mini skirts and go-go boots, or for special events even sporting feather explosions! Additionally, she often donned intricate-designed hats such as those by Bvlgari alongside stacks of diamond rings from Bvlgari broaches she loved dearly.

Taylor often used her hats as an effective way of making an impression and standing out at events she wasn’t attending; whether in floral print dresses or evening gowns with lace trims, they added the perfect finishing touch.

As well as her signature hats, Elizabeth Taylor also loved accessorizing with bold earrings and long gloves. When signing autographs at a nightclub she donned a ruffled white dress adorned with pearl earrings and long evening gloves; Tim Mendelson noted she kept an extensive collection in a bomb shelter in Switzerland at her chalet home; according to him she kept an extensive “wardrobe archive”. Elizabeth passed away peacefully in 2011 as founder of the Elizabeth Taylor AIDS Foundation.