The Brief Guide That Makes Choosing Comfortable Underwear Simple

Laura Tolentino

Did you know that the average American woman has about 21 pairs of underwear? About 10% of women own over 35 pairs.

If you want to expand your underwear collection and want something fashionable but comfortable, it can be tricky. You might want to avoid faux pas and underwear that’ll cause irritation.

It might seem overwhelming to pick out the right pair and not spend all of your money, but it doesn’t have to be! Read this guide on how to choose comfortable underwear that’s fashionable today!

The Best Underwear Material

While this is up to personal preference, 100% cotton is one of the most breathable materials. Consider what you’ll need your underwear for, whether exercise, everyday, sexy, etc. If it’s not cotton, choose underwear with a cotton insert.

Consider pairing it with your favorite foam bra. Think about your outfits too. For white pants, you’ll generally want to wear underwear that matches your skin tone.

Sexy underwear usually isn’t as comfortable. Thongs and g-strings are a popular choice. While g-strings are similar to thongs, they don’t have a waistband.

Consider Boyshorts

The apparel industry makes feminine male boxers; these are boyshorts. They offer full coverage for your body and are rectangular. They sit right below your hip.

Boyshorts go well with various outfits, from trousers to skirts. Choose seamless boyshorts for dresses and skirts.


Whether working out or lounging around, hipsters are comfortable. They’re the best underwear for a mix between boyshorts and a bikini.

Hipsters are body-hugging and go around your hip. The leg holes are similar to bikinis. Hipsters go well with most outfits.


Briefs are for hip coverage. They’re comfortable, and the waistband rests below your belly button.

For extra coverage, go with high-waisted briefs. Briefs go well with most outfits.


Bikinis are similar to briefs but don’t have as much coverage. Bikini waistbands sit below your belly button.

They come in various fabrics, including nylon, microfiber, and cotton. You can also find them in more delicate fabrics such as lace.

String bikinis are another popular choice. The leg holes have a string of fabric. You can wear bikinis with almost any outfit.


They have the same waist as the classic brief but have high-cut leg holes. They rise above the widest part of the thigh.

High-cuts are a combination of briefs and bikinis. High-cuts are best for low-rise pants. From microfiber to mesh, you’ll have a variety of fabrics to choose from.

Machine Washable

There are various types of underwear; before you buy them, ensure they’re machine washable. For delicate undergarments, hand-washing might be a better option.

If you’re machine washing underwear, place them in a lingerie bag. Avoid drying them, and instead, place them on a drying rack.

How To Choose Comfortable Underwear

After exploring this guide, you should have a better idea about choosing comfortable underwear. Take your time speaking with a fashionista or other underwear expert.

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