The Ultimate Guide to Buying Jewelry You’ll Love Wearing

Laura Tolentino

Happiness is . . . Buying yourself a present because you deserve it.

And that most definitely includes buying jewelry.

Why wait for someone else to pick the right jewelry (and quality jewelry at that) when no one knows your preferences better than you do? Selecting jewelry is an intimate thing that requires the knowledge of the wearer. If you rely on someone else to adorn your wrists, neck, and ears, you might wind up sorely disappointed in their choices.

That’s why we implore you to treat yourself. You know what you like, and not much feels as good as looking down at your finger to see a ring you chose and paid for on your own. 

But how can you buy something you’ll love wearing—not just for the weekend or a year, but for a lifetime? What should you keep in mind as you embark on this exciting shopping trip?

Consider Your Style

Before you head out the door with a credit card in hand, think about what you wear on a regular basis.

Are you more casual, conservative, or bold? Do you enjoy following trends or making them? Are you feminine, masculine, minimal, or extra?

Your everyday style plays a significant part in what kind of jewelry will stand the test of time. Take an honest look at what you enjoy wearing—what you feel most comfortable in—and try to buy a piece that honors that.

For example, a more basic dresser benefits hugely from a pair of simple gold hoops, while a trendsetter might get away with a ring that sports a huge gemstone. You get the idea.

Work Within Your Budget

Perhaps the most important tip of all is buying what you can afford to.

If you’ve already got your eye on a piece that’s not yet within your budget, you might slowly build up savings to help you afford it—which guarantees you’ll honor it for years to come.

While you might be able to afford something else on a spur-of-the-moment impulse, that doesn’t mean you’ll appreciate it. In fact, you’re likely to regret it later (buyer’s remorse, anyone?). It’s a common occurrence—Americans impulsively spend up to $3,312 a year!

Take note of what you can truly afford, and if something’s not within your current budget, save for it. “Fun spending” is important to work into a budget as it can actually reduce impulse buys. The next time something catches your eye, check your fun money fund.

Choose Timeless Classics

Some jewelry never goes out of style—and we call those investment pieces.

The best jewelry to buy is that which can age alongside you. Costume jewelry, aka the cheap-but-cute stuff you buy at Target before checking out, only lasts so long (as far as quality or trendiness goes). When you take the time to save up for something special, you might just have it forever, even passing it on as an heirloom.

Some examples of classic pieces include stud earrings, hoop earrings, a sleek watch, a pendant necklace, or bangle bracelets.

Buying Jewelry Takes Less Pressure Than a Diamond

At the end of the day, you’re buying jewelry—not a house or a new automobile.

Make it fun and exciting, but don’t forget to be smart, too. Consider classic options, stick to your budget (or make an account just for the purpose), and let it suit your style—nobody else’s. 

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