This Is How to Choose the Best T-Shirt Printing Company

Laura Tolentino

Did you know that it is possible to begin a screen-printing T-shirt business from the comfort of your own home?

Screen printing is a great way to test out a T-shirt design idea before sending it over to the printers. Do you have an idea that you are ready to mass produces? Terrific!

Read our article to learn how to choose the best T-shirt printing company to work with this year!

How to Hire the Best T-Shirt Printing Services

Hiring a T-shirt printing service can be an enjoyable and rewarding process. Begin the journey by researching candidates as soon as possible.

Are you interested in sharing your T-shirt designs with the world? Printing services can help you achieve your dream. In fact, locations across the globe can service. 

You are not limited to local printers, however, there are advantages to using either option. The printing service that you hire will depend on your printing needs and desires. 

If you have a simple design that does not require expert skill then consider researching local candidates. However, if your design is quite detailed then you might want to outsource the project.

Local T-Shirt Printing Services Near You

Understanding your local printing market can help you hire the best printing service for you. Are you curious about how printing services are priced? Here are some factors to consider:

  • Price of ink
  • Quality of materials
  • Design scale
  • Design complexity
  • Machines required
  • Labor hours required
  • Number of T-shirts

These are a few things to keep in mind as you begin sifting through printing service options. Don’t worry, contacting printing services does not have to be complicated or stressful.

Most printing services have online contact forms that are easy to navigate. Reputable printing services will make getting in touch with them easily accessible!

Choosing a T-Shirt Printing Company Online

Are you considering communicating with a printing service that is based online? Before you send your first message, there are some things to keep in mind.

In order to avoid scams, you will need to heavily research each candidate that you discover online. Message multiple options and be on the lookout for their testimonials.

While you await their reply, read third-party reviews about the company and the quality of their work. Are a majority of customers satisfied with the end result?

Be thorough with your research in order to mitigate problems down the line of the production process.

Interested in Custom T-Shirt Printing?

Basic designs often come with a standard fee at many T-shirt printing services. Complex designs that require custom work, however, can cost extra.

Due to the labor-intensive work required to make a custom T-shirt come to life, bulk orders can be expensive. Keep this in mind as you hunt for the best bargain!

To avoid overpaying for expensive bulk orders, most printing services will offer you the opportunity to order one trial T-shirt. Take advantage of this trial run to see if the printing service is right for you.

Read Custom T-Shirt Printing Company Testimonials

Reviews and testimonials are an important part of the research required to find the custom T-shirt printing service of your dreams.

Understanding a company’s shortfalls can help you know what to look for when it comes time to order your custom T-shirts.

Testimonials from happy or loyal clients can help you gauge what kind of materials the company uses and why the client returns for their services.

Get Prospective Printing Companies Rates

Once you have narrowed down your prospective printing services, you can begin contacting printing companies for general rates and price estimates.

It is common for printing companies to have a minimum fee or service charge. Allow this price to guide what kind of services you would be able to afford.

That being said, sticking to a budget is equally as important as working with quality materials. If you are ordering in bulk then there is a good chance that the company is willing to work with your budget!

Ask About the Quality of Materials They Use 

Speaking of quality, you should ask prospective candidates about the quality of materials that they use during your first conversation.

If their quality is less desirable than you are looking for, thank them for their time and move on. There are dozens of printing options to choose from so do not be discouraged. 

For example, this locations shirt printing company offers a variety of options to match any budget. 

It is important not to sacrifice quality or budget constraints for your cherished designs if you are hoping to develop a lasting relationship with your T-shirt printing service.

Choose a Printing Company Based on Your Design

The complexity of your design is the best guide for choosing a T-shirt printing company. If you have a simple design then you might be able to splurge on a company that only uses quality materials.

If your design is complex then you can prioritize services that offer discounts on bulk orders. Your main priority should be creating a T-shirt that will deliver the message that you are intending to send. 

Let your prospective T-shirt printing service know that before you begin so that everyone is on the same page.

Ready to Work With the Best T-Shirt Printing Company?

Now you know all about how to work with the best T-shirt printing company. Are you ready to find the printing service for you and begin creating the shirts of your dreams together?

If so, remember to research prospective printing services heavily by reading third-party reviews and testimonials about the company.

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