Tips in Choosing a Stylish Belt

Laura Tolentino

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Whether you’re going for a formal look or an everyday look, it’s important to pick the right belt to complete your outfit. A belt should be minimal, sleek, and not overbearing. The color you choose should match the colors and textures in your outfit, and black is always a good choice. A black leather belt with simple, slightly rounded buckles will complement the basic tones in your suit and cinch your look. Simple, classic pieces are the best options for a formal look.

Leather belts

One of the most important tips in choosing a stylish belt for men is to match your belt color to your shoes. Your belt should match the color and shine of your shoes. For the most effective matches, choose leather or metal belts that are the same shade or tone as your shoes. If you are buying a belt for casual occasions, choose a neutral or light colored one.

While a traditional, everyday belt will work well for many occasions, a modern, eye-catching buckle is the key to dressing up your look. Black leather is a versatile choice, and a black belt with a metallic buckle can add a modern twist to a casual outfit. Another option is a woven belt to add a dash of style to a boring outfit.

Suede belts

A suede belt adds a touch of class and glamour to any outfit. It is popular among both men and women and is available in a wide range of colors. Its versatile nature allows you to match it easily with the rest of your outfit. You can also choose one with a rubber or leather covered buckle, which gives you a trendy look.

Choose a suede belt in a colour that complements your shoes. This way, it won’t look out of place. You can also wear suede belts with bold colors.

Braided belts

Braided belts are a great way to add a classic, vintage touch to your outfit. They come in many colours, styles, and materials. They look great with pencil skirts, pants, sheath dresses, and tunic tops. They are also comfortable to wear and are flexible enough to move with you.

When buying a belt, make sure you buy a high quality one. The leather should be smooth and not show any traces of wear, and the stitches should be small and tightly-sewn. Beware of belts with expensive brand names. Most of the time, you’ll never notice the brand, so it’s not worth spending extra money.

The color should match your outfit. If you wear a brown suit, a 3cm/1.2in braided nylon belt would not look as good as a brown leather belt.


There are several factors you should consider when choosing a belt. The style you select will make a difference in how the belt hugs your body. Choose a belt with the right length. It should fall around the middle of the waist, and should not stick out in any way. You may also want to consider suspenders, also known as braces. They’re great for creating an old-fashioned look and are available in many different textures and colours. You can choose to contrast your suspenders with your shirt to give your outfit a more dimensional look.

Although belts are typically made of leather, there are other materials you can use to add interest and variety to your look. Try suede, woven, and textured materials. Look for subtle detailing, and consider colours that will complement your outfit. Neutral colors are timeless, while bright colours are suitable for seasonally-changing looks.

Cotton belts

A belt can be a great accessory for your look. You can find belts in a variety of colors and styles for casual and formal wear. Cotton belts, for example, look great with shorts or jeans. You can also buy golf belts for a fun look. The key is to find a comfortable belt that fits correctly and goes with your outfit.

The first step is to measure your waist. Normally, a belt should be two or three inches larger than your pants’ waist size. A good rule of thumb is to measure your belt from the buckle to the other end of the strap. Adding a few inches for plate buckle throwing distance is a great way to find the right size.