Tips To Choose The Best Ballroom Competition Dresses

Laura Tolentino

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Ballroom competition dresses are not just for women – men can also wear them, too! Here, you’ll find tips on choosing the best dress for a dance competition – from Cost and Styles to Where to buy. Before buying your ballroom competition dress, make sure you’ve read the following tips! We’ve compiled a list of the most important factors to consider when purchasing a ballroom dress. Read on for more information!

Precautions to take before wearing a ballroom competition dress

When choosing a ballroom competition dress, there are several precautions you should follow. Your dress should highlight your best features. It should feel comfortable on you, and it should show your curves without looking overly revealing. Dresses that accentuate your curves and make you feel modest are both good options. Cut-out sides and an open back can both be flattering, but modesty is also an important consideration.

Before dancing in your ballroom competition dresses, consider your undergarments. Most dresses come fully decorated, so proper care is critical to their life and appearance. Rhinestones, crystals, beads, and sequins are common decorations. Some are made from delicate fabrics, while others are translucent and opaque. Regardless of the type of fabric, washing and drying your ballroom competition dress is not recommended, as you could destroy the crystals or other decorations.

Styles available

There are many different styles available for ballroom competition dresses. The styles of ballroom dance costumes tend to be fitted in the torso but flare out at the bottom. Some styles are even adorned with feathers or other embellishments. The styles can range from simple to extravagant and you can find the dress that best fits your style. You can even wear your own shoes and add decorations to your dress. The possibilities are endless.

The styles available for ballroom competition dresses depend on your dancing style and your budget. Beginners can buy a simple two-piece combination that is suitable for low-level competitions. More advanced competitors can choose from more elaborate styles that include floats, feathers, and rhinestones. In addition to the different styles, the dress can be customized for a specific dancer. Listed below are some of the styles of ballroom competition dresses available.


If you’re preparing to enter a ballroom competition, you’re likely wondering how to minimize the cost of your entry. Although overall grooming is the least important aspect of presentation, the dress you choose can make all the difference. Ballroom competition dresses can run into the thousands of dollars, and it’s hard to justify that cost. In order to save money, you can rent practice wear. For smaller comps, nice, unstoned practicewear is always appropriate. However, stoned dresses are not permitted in some categories, such as NDCA competitions.

When shopping for your ballroom competition dress, remember that style is more important than price. Although rhinestones and embroidered details are attractive, the fit and feel of the gown are crucial. It should be comfortable for your body to move freely. For example, a dress that is lightweight and fluid will make dancing easier. Avoid trendy designs, because they won’t last very long. Instead, choose a quality, well-made dress.

Where to buy

When it comes to choosing a ballroom competition dress, professional dancers have a few options. They can order a custom dance costume with added bling to stand out from the crowd. These dance costumes are suitable for competitions in Latin, Rhythm, Smooth, and Standard styles. Those who compete in Latin dance competitions are usually more conservative than those in Standard and Smooth styles. Many dancers also choose to wear modest prom dresses and debutante gowns. Other colors that are available are black, white, pink, and blue.

The style of the dress should complement your personality and dance style. You can choose a dress that reflects your personality without being overly restrictive. However, if you are just starting out, you should start small and purchase a cheap yet practical dress to practice in. Invest in a good dress if you want to feel confident while dancing. Just remember that it is essential to practice before you buy a fancy dress so that you can improve your dancing skills.