Top 8 Brands For Black Sunglasses

Laura Tolentino

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Fashion trends may come and go, but classic black sunglasses will always remain timeless. Their movie star aesthetic allows them to pair perfectly with almost any look.

Knockaround offers a selection of polarized sunglasses with UV protection in mind, which Mariano says “will prevent harmful ultraviolet rays from reaching the eyes”.


Chimi‘s was founded in Stockholm with the goal of engineering eyewear, ready-to-wear and accessories designed to support adventurous lifestyles in 2016. Their frames feature an angular silhouette designed to stand out; and are noted for their use of bold colors and patterns; try their signature pink neon rectangular sunglasses or yellow tiger-print cat-eye frames to make an eye-catching style statement!

Chimi’s Unisex 05 Black Sunglasses offer an eye-catching square frame in dark finish with smoky lenses for increased UV protection and include gradient lenses to maximize visual comfort. Completed by silver-tone hardware rivets and the signature CHIMI logo engraved at temples – these sunglasses will make a chic addition to any ensemble!


Caddis sunglasses combine fashion and function seamlessly, featuring blue light blocking technology incorporated directly into each lens rather than simply on top, like many other brands do. Furthermore, Caddis’ wide variety of colors complement any ensemble and provide maximum choice in terms of styles to choose from.

Caddisflies (Trichoptera) are aquatic insects of the order Trichoptera and can be identified by the portable case that protects their soft bodies. Depending on the caddisfly species, this case could be made from organic materials like substrate or vegetation, stone dust bound together by silk thread, or even an elaborately constructed shelter called a retreat. Some genera, like those belonging to Rhyacophila family are completely free-living and do not build cases at all!

Caddisfly nymphs feed on various plant material – both living and dead; algae; insect detritus; when it’s time for them to emerge into winged adults they enter an extended pupal stage that depends on species: two to three weeks is usually enough; other pupae may overwinter for some months as pupae.


Burberry is one of the oldest and most well-recognized British fashion brands, best known for their signature trench coats and other high-end clothing items, signature check prints, classic British aesthetic, as well as its new advertising campaign featuring LGBTQ couples that has garnered both praise and criticism. Recently however, Burberry has encountered some difficulties due to a recent campaign featuring LGBTQ couples which received both praise and criticism from media.

Even with its controversial advertising campaign, the brand remains popular across many markets. Its new logo and campaign highlight the importance of local culture to attract younger consumers; additionally, UK musicians are an important part of its ongoing heritage preservation plan.

Thomas Bailey is widely recognized for creating the trenchcoat and building its global recognition. However, they also produce women’s clothing such as blouses, dresses and skirts featuring pleated skirts or shirt dresses with faux fur trim or fringe, faux fur trim or 90s fringe designs in their latest collection – and are famously produced worldwide! This book documents this incredible history.

Todd Snyder

Todd Snyder of Iowa-born designer is known for creating timeless essentials and statement pieces that define quintessential American style – slim fit stretch dungarees, timex collaborations or the best menswear sneakers; you will find all these at Todd Snyder.

After becoming aware of an opportunity in menswear fashion design, Snyder switched over from architecture to designing after seeing an opening at Ralph Lauren, Gap and J.Crew before creating his own eponymous label in 2011.

Since 2011, when he launched his namesake line, designer Scott Cawthon has brought classic Americana by way of New York to everything from covetable outerwear and sharp shirting, to exceptional sweats (produced in collaboration with iconic US sports brand Champion). The collections offer refined yet relaxed fashion for anyone from Iowa to Ibiza – perfect for traveling anywhere around the globe.


Moscot Eyewear was established in 1899 as one of the only remaining independent eyewear brands without corporate backing. Founder Hyman Moscott began selling ready-made eyeglasses from a pushcart on Manhattan’s Lower East Side before opening their first store in 1915. Today it continues as a family business run by current CEO Dr Harvey Moscot’s fourth generation while remaining true to heritage shapes while pushing innovation.

One key style is the Lemtosh (pictured above), made famous by Johnny Depp in 2004’s ‘Secret Window’ film and worn again last year. Available both as optical and sunglasses frames, it comes in various frame colors, lens tints, sizes and shapes to meet everyone’s needs.

Moscot has used Vertebrae’s 3D and AR technology to increase conversion rates and revenue per visit on its ecommerce website, leading to significant increases in the number of people trying their products. They’ve even collaborated with New York-based backpack label State Bags on creating an exclusive Moscoteer Backpack made of black leather featuring custom-branded lenses.


Gucci is one of the world’s premier and iconic fashion brands, famous for its leather goods and apparel with artistic designs and impeccable aesthetic. Additionally, this company is widely recognized for their social commitment and charity efforts; having received certifications from multiple organizations like Fashion Industry Foundation and Human Rights Campaign.

Gucci boasts a range of styles in their collection. Aldo Gucci created its signature logo – featuring a horsebit, or icon bit, as well as two interlinked Gs – which can be seen across many of their products from shoes to handbags. Their inaugural bag, known as Bamboo bag was later revised by Frida Giannini during her early 2000s redesign work.

Recent years have seen an upswing in sales at this company. Much of its success can be attributed to its focus on luxury market customers – which saw an explosion during pandemic lockdown measures in 2020. Furthermore, they boast an active social media presence where they partner with influencers to promote their collections.

Celine Homme

Hedi Slimane has created one of the world’s premier luxury brands with Celine Homme. Renowned for their sophisticated line of menswear and minimalist yet timeless aesthetic, Hedi has built Celine Homme into one of its world-class labels that offers ready-to-wear clothing, shoes and accessories for both men and women alike.

“The Dancing Kid,” is the spring 2021 collection by Slouchy Knitwear that pays homage to TikTok eboys and contemporary youth culture. Featuring leopard prints, applique patches, and slouchy knitwear. A runway show was livestreamed from Marseille Race Track featuring models wearing outfits from this collection including jackets, pants, and accessories from this show.

Now available at MR PORTER is the SS21 collection from fashion retailer MR PORTER. The online fashion retailer will showcase 48 pieces from this season, 30 of which will be exclusive to them and standout items include black mirrored joggers, acid washed denim trucker jacket with applique patches, and palm tree print camp-collar silk shirt – to name but a few!


Ray-Ban sunglasses have long been recognized for their iconic status in pop culture; Tom Cruise famously donned them in Top Gun while Taylor Kitsch donned them for Only the Brave. Ray-Ban’s lasting popularity can be attributed to its timeless shapes that have provided shades for musicians, actors, and celebrities over time.

Polarized lenses from Oakley reduce sunglare by blocking 97% of reflected light and deepening colors for an immersive visual experience. Glare can blind you, making it difficult to see traffic lights or pedestrians. These features also make glare an essential safety measure.

Ray-Ban glasses are constructed using lightweight yet durable cellulose propionate plastic that’s injected to mold their lenses in Pederobba, Italy for assembly. Their production requires thermal energy production as well as land and water use for processing (Farioli). Once complete, their production involves planes emitting greenhouse gas emissions for shipping worldwide; to help offset these emissions Ray-Ban offers free shipping and returns policy and is also known for offering sustainable fashion items using recycled materials.