Top Stylish Watches for Women

Laura Tolentino

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Time has become luxury and watches have become style. In an era when timepieces adorn our walls, tables and working desks, it is no surprise that watches should adorn our wrists. But there’s more to the story.

Long History

Watches have come a long way from being an instrument of merely telling the time. Watches have become a means of psychoanalyzing the person wearing them. Actions speaks louder than words and watches speak louder than a curriculum vitae. Watches are a symbol these days – just like a diamond ring on a woman’s finger tells you that she is married.

Classic Styles and Preferences

TAG Heuer’s Carrera

It goes like this: different women, different personalities, different styles and different preferences for watches. Amber Heard and the Duchess of Cambridge for example prefer the classic stainless steel TAG Heuer’s Carrera – costly yet still grounded.

These watches may tell you that their wearer has a thing for classics and that they are conservative. These watches look perfect with a T-Shirt and jeans as well as with a tailored Victoria Beckham dress.

Retro Glamour and Grace

Bulgari’s Serpentine Catene

Designer Carolina Herrera and artist Cindy Sherman however prefer retro glamour and grace – their preference in watches is represented by the gold bracelet – somewhat like Bulgari’s Serpentine Catene or Chanel’s Rectangular-Faced Premiere from the 30s. These watches go well with white shades be it an evening gown or a blouse featuring these shades.

Celebrities and Their Choices

Cape Cod

Gwyneth Paltrow, Madonna and Princess Beatrice prefer Hermes’s popular Cape Cod style watches. These come with not the popular leather wrap-bands which are old favorites. These watches are worn basically when someone wants to feel relaxed and calm.

Madonna, not at all subtle for the poster, has also at times worn the leather wrap watch with her less eye-catching all-black airport outfits. These watches, although simple, are classy and feature simplicity which comes with a beauty of its own kind.

Victoria Beckham and Sofia Vergara have been known to borrow watches from their men – implying that their watches are oversized and practically men’s watches. An accessory correspondent of men’s button-down shirts after a spur-of-the-moment sleepover (that we see not too seldom on TV!) for women is the over-sized men’s watch in question.

Famous Brands

Rolex Daytona

Examples of such watches are Rolex Daytona or an Audemars Piguet Royal Oak. This kind of watches showcase power, a sense of dominance and perilously appealing indifference. These are the kinds of watches that you will find on the wrists of fiery feminists – women who know that they are no less than their more bulky gender counterparts. Or they might be worm simply by ladies who borrowed them from their men. Whatever the case might be, these watches look seductive when they are properly worn.

All in all, this is a world of symbols and our watches are symbols that reflect our personalities. A classic stainless timepiece might say that we are traditionalists and a gold bracelet timepiece might say that we are retro. Similarly, leather wraps may say easy going sometimes while over-sized watches may say that you are a person that no one should ever mess with. Watches represent you as a person so you may want to reconsider before wearing them!