Ultimate Metrosexual Bags


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The time when men’s accessories were limited to ties are gone. You have lots of choices today.

The benefits of wearing bags are many – they are practical, fashionable, etc. Men can put a lot of things in their bags, just like women do. Stuffing your pockets can be uncomfortable. So carrying a men’s bag is also really useful. Did I mention they are very fashionable? That’s the main reason why I wrote this article.

There is another great reason: now you can match bag with the rest of your outfit.

So bags have finally got into the lifestyle of modern men. The ultimate metrosexual bags are the trendy fashion item that is selling like a hot cake at the moment. Various celebrities like Ryan Gosling and Joey Essex have been instrumental in popularizing the item among men around the world.


canvas messenger bag
By Zhao ! under CC BY-ND 2.0


Ultimate Metrosexual Bags trends

These bags not only look very smart, they are absolutely handy if you really want to make good use of them. If you are going to get such a bag, don’t forget to check out a canvas messenger bag or any leather belted model; since these are the trendiest ones at the moment.

The newer trend of men’s bags has been displaying full leather bodies and checks on canvas materials. Many of the bags don’t come with straps and are meant to be carried by holding on the top handle.

There are some bags however, with the straps that are meant to be carried by putting them on a cross around the shoulder.

This season, the hottest color for men’s bags is brown. For both shiny and matt leather bags, brown is the color you should go with. If you go for canvas bags, the best option will be to get beige colored ones with contrast checks all around it.

Even among the handbags, you can find the shades of brown with simple designs. One of the most celebrated design this season has got light brown leather background, with darkish brown checks. If you are really looking forward to buy a bag this season, you can take these suggestions to get trendy.

If you are going for backpacks, they come with many different fabric and material. Choose the one that suits you the best. Just strap the belts on both your shoulders and you are good to go!.

If you are interested to buy one of these ultimate metrosexual bags, make sure you get the most for what you pay and be brave and courageous. Stick to either leather or canvas. Always remember that leather is more formal and canvas is more casual. Make sure to match other accessories with you bag.

You can also go for a mixture of leather and canvas. In this case you can either match it with leather or canvas accessories. There are hundreds of types, so it is just about finding the style that suits you and your personality.

My question is: what are you waiting for? Men are finally getting a chance to meet all of the benefits of wearing a bags. Take advantage of it!