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Paris Hilton Fashion Style Icon

Paris Hilton, known for her catchphrases and iconic fashion from the early ’00s, recently launched a collaboration with fast fashion …

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Choosing Makeup Shades That Work With Your Skin Tone

Laura Tolentino

We’ve all witnessed makeup that appears so perfect it seems tailor-made, as its shades work …

Zinc Oxide For Beauty Products

Laura Tolentino

Zinc oxide for beauty products is an all-natural sunscreen ingredient that protects skin from UV …

Tranexamic Acid Serum

Laura Tolentino

Tranexamic acid was initially prescribed to reduce bleeding during surgery; now, its uses extend beyond …

The Benefits of Natural Moisturizers

Laura Tolentino

Natural moisturizers nourish your skin using plant-based oils and botanical extracts from nature that have …

Best Hand Creams For Women

Laura Tolentino

From overnight repair creams to those designed with anti-ageing benefits, there’s something out there for …



What to Look For When Buying Celine Bags

Celine designs have long resonated with working women due to their no-frills aesthetic and unfussy …

How to Wear Gucci Sunglasses

Gucci sunglasses add an air of sophistication and luxuriousness to casual summer ensembles, often worn …