2015 Summer Fashion Tips For Men

Laura Tolentino

Obviously, most of the fashion tips that you will find for summer 2015 will be for women but we should never deny the fact that men also have to know how to dress properly this year. We are faced with so many different problems that appear due to a lack of knowledge about the topic. When looking at summer fashion tips for men, it is obvious that many problems tend to appear due to this lack of knowledge but our tips will surely help you out a lot at the end of the day. Respect them.

2015 Summer Fashion men

For starters, remember that neutrals do not necessarily need to look too basic. You need to perfect fit with snug jackets and tapered pants. That will lead towards a perfect popped look. If you do want to take a risk with a bold print, you can easily do this but it is really important that you balance everything by using the neutral colors. This year, do consider using neutral with bold prints.

2015 Summer Fashion men 2

We cannot talk about 2015 summer fashion tips for men without mentioning swimwear. You can easily make a clear statement with your swimwear. Do not simply settle for the solid colors so that you can stand out. Try dark prints since they basically stand out as flattering on practically any man.

Since we did mention something about swimwear, let’s move towards socks. Try to ditch your socks during summer. Cuff the pants or simply pick up cropped pairs. Showing some great ankles is not at all great.

Suits will always be perfect for men but there are occasions where you can easily get rid of this full suit. Cotton shorts and blazers can be combined perfectly in order to get a really great business look without having to resort to the suit. Try to subtly stand out by simply wearing similar colors. The monochromatic outfits can easily show people that you are confident and sophisticated, easily making a statement.

2015 Summer Fashion men 3

Shorts always have to be properly tailored, just as the trousers. Make sure that you never use shorts that are under your knee. If the hem is shorter, you will look taller, which is always great for a man. Try to combine the tailored looks with a suitable performance accent like a nylon jacket or simple sneakers. Whenever wearing your shorts, do not remain focused on boat shoes and sandals. You can easily use some of the dress shoes so that you can get a much better look.

Always opt for tailoring the suit’s sleeves and pants to a proper width. Do the same for the hem. That will make you look a whole lot sharper. No Break cuts can help to be able to show off the socks or shoes.