Autumn 2015 Fashion Trends

Laura Tolentino

Since we are right in the middle of summer, it is obvious that we need to start thinking about what we are going to wear during autumn. The big problem if you did not already prepare is the fact that what you could have bought for sales during February and March is what would be worn during this year’s autumn. However, if you did miss out on that shopping spree, you will want to start preparing as soon as possible, especially in the event that you don’t want to spend too much money in the process.

autumn 2015

There are some key trends that are already visible for the autumn season. This is exactly what we are going to share in the following paragraphs.

Prints And Colors

Traditionally speaking, not much color focus is necessary as we can always wear neutral shades in order to have a perfect look. Most people are comfortable wearing neutral palettes. Do not think that neutrals cannot turn into something that is exciting as that is definitely not the case.

In the event that you love colors, you can use them. Navy stands out as the strongest of all the color trends for the 2015 autumn, followed by burgundy/maroon/magenta. Make sure that you will take your skin tone into account in order to be sure that the color complements it.

You can also consider other colors like bright orange, sapphire blue, emerald green, khaki and pastels. When referring to prints, stripes and animal prints are really popular and will be featured in the collections.

Autumn 2015 Trends

We can mention the trends but before we do that, remember that you should always take everything into account. If you feel that a specific trend is not working for you, modifications can always be made. After all, you are the one that wears the clothes.

Sports wear is constantly increasing but we do not expect this to last for a really long time. Various labels took advantage of the fact that there is an increase of people that go to the gym and did put in some elements that are sporty in autumn wardrobe. You are better off avoiding this trend though.

Fine form is something that you should take into account. It is based on having a minimalistic block color combined with contrast and structure. Consider buying and wearing fluid trenches, fitted frocks, draped tops and pencil skirts contrasts.

We also have a trend that showcases feminine bodies being put in male fashion silhouettes. You will find that this is quite tricky to do but it is a lot of fun to experiment with. Consider chunky knits, relaxed jackets and pinstripe pants. You will love them.

The last trend we can highlight for autumn 2015 is graphic content. The prints are not suitable just for the summer season. You can also use them during autumn. Use geometrics and florals, monochromatic mixes, bold color splashes and oriental style prints.

Here we go! Let us know what your main trend is and tell us if you are eagerly expecting autumn or not.