3 Great Ways to Jazz up Your Nails This Christmas!


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With Christmas being just around the corner there are a huge selection of limited edition nail products on the market to give you that festive look from sophisticated sparklers and deep warm reds, to nail transfers and special effect nail polishes to give you that perfect festive look. Also with nail art being one of the latest fashion trends, use your imagination this Christmas to create your perfect holiday nails!


Christmas Nail Art
By Lelê Breveglieri under CC BY 2.0


Glitzy Glamorous Nails

Glitter nail polish looks great for any occasion but especially at Christmas giving you that dazzling festive look. Sparkling lacquer is great for those endless Christmas parties, New Year’s Eve celebrations or maybe just those dull winter days, to bring you some festive cheer. With a great selection out there on the market and new products being released just before Christmas you don’t have to be a manicure expert to pull of the dazzling glitter look. OPI have a huge selection of glitter nail varnishes to choose from ranging from Raw Granite to give your nails that textured diamond effect to Wondrous Star a gold flecked shimmer with a heavenly shine. Maybe try glittery french manicure to give you a subtle Christmas sparkle by sweeping a glitter shade of your choice over the end of your nails.

Christmas Nail Art

There are so many interesting ways to create wacky and wondrous nail art inspired by the festive season. Be creative and let the Christmas spirit inspire you to create interesting and individual designs. With nail art being one of the latest fashion trends there are many ideas to get you started on the internet. Pinterest is a great picture blogging site which will help to get you inspired to create those festive manicures with designs ranging from sparkly Christmas trees and Santa designs to frosty snow scenes. To create these wonderful looks you will probably need some bright and glittery nail paints and some essential tools such as a nail brush or a dotting pen. Also thanks to the latest breakthrough in gel nail polish and stencilling kits, creating intricate and imaginative designs at home has become a lot easier and a perfect fashion accessory for any occasion. An easier option which has recently become readily available in high street stores and online are nail transfers, a collection of stickers which can be pressed onto your nails. So if you find yourself in a rush over the Christmas period purchasing a set of these could be helpful in time saving and will leave your nails looking just as glamorous.

Mariah Carey Christmas Collection

The new Christmas collection brought to you by Mariah Carey boasts a variety of amazing Christmassy shades perfect for that glamorous Christmas look. Teaming up with OPI Nail Polish this stunning collection introduces 18 new limited edition shades perfect for the festive season. The collection includes an assortment of red, burgundy, maroon and chocolate brown hues, along with glitter-packed gold, bronze and pearl shades. These simply gorgeous colours are a great accompaniment to any outfit. Mariah and OPI keep the theme of Christmas going with cheeky festive names such as ‘I Snow You Love Me’, ‘My Favourite Ornament’ and ‘All I Want for Christmas’ to get you in that festive mood!


The great thing about ‘jazzing up you nails’ this Christmas Is that you can use any colour or effect and add any design depending on your preference or outfit choice. There are no rules when it comes to decorating your nails so go wild and make your nails look fantastic this festive season!